Friday, September 28, 2012

FSO - What does home mean to you?

When you stop to think about it, this is a pretty hard topic to capture photgraphically.  I think so, anyway.

After thinking about it all week and making no progress I decided to simplify the process and think about it as I drove home, so all my photos, except for the very last, are taken from the car. 

It wasn't a long drive.  When I've been 'away' the first time I get the feeling that I'm nearly home is when I come over the top of the Brynderwyns and Bream Bay opens before me.  From here I know I will be home in around an hour.

I know I'm nearly home when the sealed road stops and the rough road starts.

After heavy rain overnight I check the height of the murky creek and catch glimpses of the fog lifting from the mountains. 

I check my favourite tree which is just now springing into new life.  That's it in the middle of the shot.  It has a better profile going the other direction but I wasn't going that way today, I was heading home.

Bright bursts of yellow catch my eye at a couple of places -  kowhai flowering beside the road, another sign of spring.

 When I reach my driveway I know to look right towards the mountain, that no matter what the mood of the weather, I will find beauty there.  And comfort, knowing I am home.

 Today there were no traffic jams.  The ones below occurred on a miserable, rainy day just like today.

Home at last I know what home really means to me - putting my feet up unconcerned about holes in my slippers.

If I had to choose one word to describe what home means to me, it would be comfort.  I am comforted by those around me and my surroundings.  A feeling is hard to capture but I've given it my best shot.  To see how others of the team have approached this, just pop over here.


  1. Pauline, you're making me miss my visit to NZ years ago, just love at the natural mesmerizing beauty around there! But I know I can't survive very long in such places, cos I'm basically a city girl.

  2. I do love your photos Pauline. That must be a very enjoyable drive home. Home to me is the good feeling I get when I wll be there soon even after the shortest time away.

  3. The old addage "Home is where the heart is." is quite true. It's a comfortable feeling more than a place... but it's also that last rise before you reach the house, the creek that's dry in one season and overflowing in another. It's a favorite tree.
    Home is the familiar. It's comfort and love.
    You showed us, in your photos, what home means to you.
    It's there. I could see it and feel it.
    Beautiful! (Love the traffic jam.)

  4. You live in such a beautiful place Pauline. I too, live close to a mountain that means home to me. I love the traffic jams :)

  5. Pauline this is perfect. I too thought of my drive home but settled on the door. Love the traffic jam. Great post.

  6. My favorite shot?? Your 'holey' the comfort they project ;)....You live in such a beautiful area.

  7. Lovely set of photos. Those wonderful old slippers of yours say 'home' more than any words.

  8. Pauline, Asian goes barefooted at home, that's why I must have a very squeaky clean floor to begin with. All footwear are left at the door .

  9. Had to laugh at your last photo because I included an almost identical one on my blog. Except that I had just bought myself a brand new pair of woolly slippers... (Not for the photo though, because I didn't think of taking that until after!)

    You describe the feeling of approaching home very well too, and you certainly have some lovely views along the way. For myself, though, I have to agree with Jama - I wouldn't "survive very long" in a rural environment like that...

  10. photos of the sheep reminds me of my mum. She lived in Sarawak where there were no sheep. In 1976, she came to visit Christchurch.The car stopped for the sheep.

    She had to get out to go among the snowy white sheep. We all remembered her coming back complaining it was so smelly.

  11. I didn't comment on this yesterday because I was going to do a 'long' answer. It's a question which I get asked a lot. Needless to say I think you've captured the spirit of it very well (as usual).

  12. You live in a gorgeous area and captured the feeling of comfort beautifully, Pauline. (That last shot is perfect!)

  13. Great job on the theme. What a beautiful drive you enjoy.


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