Friday, September 7, 2012

FSO - Shallow Depth of Field

On Friday, I will be winging my way to Taranaki and joyful days with little Aiden.  So here's hoping for some good weather, doesn't matter what sort as long as it makes for good shots for next week's topic. 

I learnt shallow depth of field is a good way to blur out ugly things in the background.

I will do my best to get around everyone's posts next week.  But right now I best pack a bag.  I have a cheap flight that only allows 7 kg of carry on baggage so I hope Friday isn't too warm as I plan to be wearing as many clothes as possible. 


  1. Beautiful pictures - particularly the last one with the rich purple (magenta?) in the forground. I didn't even notice the car until you pointed it out with your comment. Have a great trip.

  2. Beautiful examples. I love the third one of the dried flower.
    Have a good trip!

  3. Great job Pauline. I think the one of the dried up flower is amazing.

  4. Great job on the bokeh, my favorite is the last shot.

  5. The colors, angle, and depth of field on that last one are terrific. I didn't see the car either!


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