Friday, August 3, 2012

FSO - Bridges

 I remember I struggled with bridges when it was the topic over two years ago.  Not because there is a shortage of bridges, far from it, there seems to be one around every second corner around here.  As well all the little streams that flow down out of the mountains that need to be crossed, there is also a railway line that needs to be bridged here and there.  But they are purely functional bridges, aesthetics are not considered.

Here are three examples of One Way bridges within a few miles of my place.

The Big Bridge  over muddy flood water (taken in the rain, sorry about the spots.)

The Middle Sized bridge

and the Little Bridge just before my house

This one is a little further away.  Must be used by more traffic because it warrants a one way sign.

The best bridge is town is no longer used as a bridge, it now serves as an Artisans Market.  It's been raining all week so I'm using a shot from my archives rather than walking in the rain to get a closer shot.

I took this one last Sunday in Matakana.  Yes, it was raining then, too but the trees were giving me some protection.

Also at Matakana, a little footbridge:

This post is scheduled.  I will be away up north for my annual mid winter break staying at The Window from Thursday.  I don't really care if it is still raining and I don't care if it is blowing a gale, don't care how overcast it is, doesn't matter how cold it is, I'm just hoping for one or two no-rain hours a day for long beach walks.  Too much to ask for you think?  We'll see!

I will check the bridges from the rest of the FSO team when I get back.


  1. It sounds like the rain is never stopping but I hope it has now and that you're having a great (and sunny) break.

  2. I hope you're enjoying some wonderful beach walks. I just KNEW you'd be going up there.

  3. The first shot is a gem and the last with the textures in the brick is another one. A very nice set all round.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful time on your holiday and were blessed with even just a few hours of no rain.

  5. I hope you managed plenty of beach walking. Halcyon days. Matakana was one of my favourite visits: I really took to it. The fact that it had such interesting books at the Farmers Market helped.

  6. I love visiting your town through your photos, such a great view with so much natural beauty.

  7. Love the bridge photos
    Enjoy the break

  8. What a great selection of bridges -- different sizes, different kinds. Thanks for taking the time to schedule tbe shoot before going away. I should have scheduled 25 shoots before packing everything and moving into Limbo.


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