Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise fog

It always seems to me that we get heavier fogs here than anywhere between here and town.  This morning there was a hint of sunshine outside my back door and a light misty fog on the hills.  

About half way between here and the corner there didn't appear to be much sunshine and the fog appeared slightly thicker.  Sorry about the gate across the shot but when I'm on my way to work there's no time to get out of the car to look over the gate.

Just as well I didn't or I wouldn't have had time to stop for this shot after I drove into a real pea souper closer to town.  

So the trip to work was very slow.  But not as slow as the trip home.  The skies opened just as I was about to leave work - and my umbrella was in my car.  Thank heavens for lovely work colleagues who offer their umbrella!  The rain was absolutely bucketing down, it was difficult to even see the centre white line on the road.   And worse than the rain were the occasional flashes of lightening which seemed scarily close.  I wasn't stopping to take any photos, I just wanted to get home.

Home has never looked so good.


  1. I despise driving in the rain. That last photo of the fog is beautiful!

  2. I can understand your need to get home but these are absolutely beautiful photos.

  3. I hope that you are safe and well and not flooded out!

  4. Surprise fog creates beautiful scenery!!


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