Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's not so much the rain that is annoying me, it's how wet everything is.  I'm going to need a hovercraft to get in and out of my yard soon.  I'm already in need of a hovercraft lawnmower, my regular lawnmower would get bogged in my lawn at the moment.  It's impossible to get from the car to my front door without stepping in mud or squelching into the grass so much my shoes get muddy anyway.  Here are my tyre tracks, they don't look so muddy when they are full of water!

I'm not complaining about the new neighbours.  The wild ducks have been tempted closer to my house by the abundance of puddles.  The plover probably isn't as happy about that as I am but they seem to be learning how to get along by ignoring each other. 

 At the weekend the weather gave me a rainbow to cheer me up.  Well, not me, the cowshed actually!

Never mind, I'm running away for my mid-winter break in a day or two.  And where we will be staying there won't be any mud, just sand.  Only two more sleeps!


  1. Are you going back to that wonderful beach that you've photographed a couple of times in the past? I'll be back to find out!

  2. Have a good holiday.....rain is depressing after a day or so.

  3. I go stir crazy when it rains! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  4. We could use a little of that rain here. It's so dry and hot right now... "fire weather".
    Love the photo of the duck and plover together.
    Enjoy the vacation in the sand.

  5. I expect that the Squawky Birds can well take care of themselves. Have a great break.

  6. Well I guess the plus side to the puddles is the ducks coming closer for great captures!!
    Have a great break!


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