Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little stream

There's a little waterway that comes down out of the mountain then twists and turns its way through the farm to the junction with a larger stream.

I don't usually walk there.  On Saturday I felt like a change of scenery so that's where I headed. 

It's just a little creek but when there's heavy rain it carries an enormous amount of water down from the mountain.  It changes after each heavy rain/flood.  Look at the precarious angle of that young totara tree.

I doubt it will survive another flood.

Evidence of previous floods:

Down near the shady bend in the creek where Sammy was distracted by some movement or smell on the other side, there are some large, gnarly old poplars.

I took this shot leaning with my back against the tree and pointing up.  Freaky!


  1. Water, even in a small stream or creek, can make such an impact on the land.
    Your shots were interesting - especially the one looking up!

  2. A wonderful place. The last image is a cracker.

  3. Really enjoyable post. I love streams and trees. You live in a most beautiful place, Pauline.
    That last photo is so interesting. Trees can look incredible from this angle... powerful and alive.
    My favorite, though, is Sammy at the waters edge and the reflections of the bank. Very nice photo.

  4. I like the view from the bottom of the tree to the top. Interesting light through the bare branches.

  5. I need to jump into your creek to cool down.

  6. Picture perfect. These photo's are amazing Pauline.

    Happy Monday.

  7. When one thinks that the kaurie trees used to be sent down those creeks on the flood it makes one realise the power of water.

  8. Yes, that last shot is a little freaky. I like it though!


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