Friday, July 27, 2012

FSO - Complementary Colours

 I discovered there is even a dictionary entry (Collins) for complementary colours - one of any pair of colours, such as yellow and blue, that give white or grey when mixed in the correct proportions.  I was going to do the mad scientist thing and get out the grandkids painting set, but can't find it.

Our FSO guides tell us:
 "When placed next to each other, 
complementary colors make each other appear brighter
 by creating maximum contrast.
In art and graphic design, 
using two complementary colors together
is said to create a more aesthetically pleasing image.



I hope Georgia doesn't see that last one or she might guess what I am making her for her upcoming birthday. Yes, I have some sewing to do right now.

I'll be back later to check the entries from the rest of the FSO team.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Such bright photo's love the blue/Orange one. Good luck with the sewing for the little one's Birthday.
    Maybe you could have consulted that Little Golden Book called the Colour Kittens. I used to know that by heart when the kids were younger.

    Happy days.

  2. I love all the bright coloured pictures!

  3. Good job Pauline, I had a hard time getting this into my heart. I know what it says but don't know if I have the right combinations.

  4. beautiful. have you got a new camera?

    Back in NZ yesterday.

  5. I want to compliment you on your "complimentary color" photos. They're beautiful.
    Did you shoot these in RAW? The colors are gorgeous. That orange in the blue bowl is amazing.

  6. The orange in the blue bowl is perfect. And that stack of papers...

  7. I really love the orange in the cobalt bowl.

  8. Pauline, what a magnificent post!

    Colour breaths life, thank you for reminding us all.

  9. Great job, Pauline! Love the orange in the blue bowl. Nice blanket, too. :)

  10. Pauline this is a great group of photos I am used to your land scales. I believe still life may be your forte!

  11. Stunning colours and I love the simplicity of your subjects. Nicely done.
    I've tagged you in my post Capture the Colour
    I hope you can take part.

  12. Stunning captures!

  13. A lovely colourful collection. The blue bowl with the orange is stunning yet simple. Nice work. Love the hibiscus flower, too.

    You're the second person who said they had trouble with my blog comments application. Thanks for letting me know. Just what was happening or not happening? I'll drop google a line.


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