Friday, July 13, 2012

FSO - Bright and colourful

Yesterday I saw a garden of bright yellow poppies in the middle of a roundabout and told myself I'd go back later to get a few shots.  But between then and 'later' I lost (and found) my bankcard and subsequently lost all memory of the poppies.

My favourite bright thing at the moment is the winter sun.  Four frosty mornings and four bright sunny days this week.

 Sun gets in your eyes

 Changing rooms

 Wearable art

 Childrens' room at the library

Bright sun lightens a gloomy corner

Jama always has bright and colourful images from Singapore.  I bet she has something spectacular to show today!  I will find out what colourful treasures she and the rest of the team have found here.


  1. I kept thinking I wish I could find a building in my town like Jama might find in her town. Or one like Ann in NZ. But the last photo is classic. Love them all really.

  2. I love that bright and colourful decorations in the library, so cheerful even for adults.

  3. Glad you found your bank card! Losing mine would make me forget everything else, including yellow poppies. The children's room at the library looks like a fun place. Are the steps for seating to watch a performance?

  4. Hi Pauline! You always take great pictures of children. I like the changing rooms, too, definitely colorful! :)

  5. Pauline, your sense of humor always makes me smile. I guess you'll get a rain check on those poppies.

    I like the kids room in the library. Very colorful and welcoming.


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