Saturday, July 14, 2012

Charm and faith

"Are there usually this many people here on Thursday?" - man to lady in queue
"Everyone in the whole town must be in here today." - little girl to mother
"Should have guessed it would be busy when I took so long to find a carpark." - mother to man
"Gee, you're lucky.  I'm not allowed to drink juice.  Too much sugar. " - little girl to me

I was only in the supermarket to get the juice for a work function and I'd obviously picked the wrong time to come.  But the delightful little girl made the wait enjoyable.  She chatted on and managed to keep me, the man and her mother all engaged in the conversation.

The days of paying for groceries while chatting seem to be gone for me.  I paid for the juice separately and went to use my bankcard for the two items I'd picked up.  I put my card into the swiper thingy then realized I had enough cash to pay for them.  Said goodbye to the man, the woman and the little girl and rushed off.  Yep, and left my card right where I'd put it.   

Luckily I had one more stop to make before heading home or goodness knows when I would have realized I didn't have my bankcard.  I just had to endure the embarrassment of inconveniencing a number of people while I rummaged for my card at the counter of the petrol station, decided to use the credit card, then remembered it was a new one and hadn't been activated.  I seem to become flustered quite easily these days and don't think very clearly when that happens.  The young lady who was serving me came to my rescue and asked could we ring the bank to activate the card.  Why didn't I say I will stand over here and use my cellphone?  It didn't dawn on me. She took the phone from the wall but it wouldn't reach to my side of the counter so she said, "Tell me what buttons to push."

It really didn't take very long but long enough for four or five people to line up for service behind me. Thanks to the charm of the young lady I didn't feel highly embarrassed although I did apologise profusely.  

Back at the supermarket my card was quickly retrieved.  

My memory of the afternoon is not predominately about my lost card, it's more about the two girls.  I'd guess one was about eight and the other around 18.   I sometimes worry that if that getting flustered thing gets worse as I get older, that I will alienate people and have to rely on others to do things for me.  

Not if the young ones I met on Thursday are out there! And I have faith that there are many more like them.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    I guess we remember those part of conversations because they are so few and far between.
    Mind you I should have said a few more hail mary's in the line at the post office the other day. Why oh why do i get the awful one!!!!

    Hope that card is safely in your purse.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I have faith in the generations coming up behind us, too.

  3. There are some real gems coming up behind us, Pauline. There are some real gems among us too. And you are not alone in getting panicked. Definitely not alone. I'm not sure that helps but I've always been like that in shops in particular. Give me a good big crisis and I'll cope. Try and sort out the change for a coffee in £s when I get back to the UK and I cause huge amusement as I try and work out the coins.

  4. Thank heaven for this post. Maybe, just maybe you have erased some of my cynical thoughts.

    Have a great weekend, Pauline.

  5. I too think getting flustered happens more as we age. I think it is because we don't want to inconvenience anyone, but when young we don't care.


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