Monday, July 23, 2012

After the rain

I like when I can be surprised when going about my everyday activites.  Good surprises, that is.  

Every morning when I drive down the road is a bit different but mainly the same.  There might be fog, or mist, rain or bright sunshine, bright sunshine through the fog.  You know, the countryside is the same, but the weather conditions cast different hues upon the it. 

Then there is the odd occasion when I get a surprise.  This morning was one of those although thinking about it, I should have expected it.  I knew we'd had a fair bit of rain over the weekend but sitting inside,warm and dry, I hadn't noticed exactly how much there was.

I remember thinking as I pulled out on to the road that the world seemed very still and the sky was so low and heavy looking, there could be more rain. But I wasn't expecting to see the creek had overflowed it's banks.

Luckily, there was no more rain or the road could have been flooded by the time I returned from work. But all was well, the creek was quietly slipping back between its banks.

At home, the springers, the cows due to calve in the next day or two, were around my house.  I was met by this lovely sight as I got out of the car.   

Georgia arrived home from school and immediately went to check the "action".  This time last year the whole calving thing was way over her head.  This year she is really into it.  Amazing how much she has learnt in just a few weeks of being with mum and dad in the paddocks, asking questions, watching and listening. 

At one stage she came running and shouting into the house, "Granny, Granny, cow down!  Cow in trouble!  Come quick!"  I went with her and had a look and convinced her to give the cow a little longer to give birth before sending for the doctor (her father).  But within the hour I conceded she was right, and agreed she had best run and fetch her father.  Her dad agreed the cow would never have managed to give birth to that calf (it looked to be a small horse!) by herself.  But how the hell did she know an hour earlier when the cow had barely started pushing?

How cute is this guy?

 Seems to be non stop action outside my kitchen window.  Even after dark my son is out there with the tractor lifting a cow that has gone down. 

At least it isn't raining!


  1. Wow, quite an adventurous place you have!

  2. I want to come visit you during calving! How fun to have all the babies around.

  3. Wonderful photos. The weather and the cows giving birth. Could you be happy living anywhere else?
    This is beautiful country. I must visit someday.

  4. Oh that calf is so cute. How lucky to experience such life on your farm. Love the countryside in New Zealand.

  5. A knowing head on those young shoulders methinks.


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