Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's not every day I hear voices when I'm alone in the house.  (Things might be slipping but they haven't slipped that far yet!)  There was no-one at the door so I looked outside and there by the road was a familiar figure. Camera guy, who was here when the last rally went through two years ago, was back again.   It was like seeing an old friend, he even enquired about the rest of the family.  (He said to say hi to you, Justine and sends his congratulations on Aiden's birth.  He's as charming as ever!)

He was giving instructions to these guys on where to place the sponsors ads so they would feature prominently in his shots of the rally cars.  I had to move down the road a bit to get the neighbours old cow shed in my shot.  This ad is just a few metres down the road from my driveway.

And there was another one down the road by the bridge.

Two years ago there were no sponsors billboards but Camera Guy explained that that was just the Asia Pacific Rally, this is the World Championships, the top drivers in the world are competing, and his footage will go on the official website.  He gave me a copy of the overnight placings and the order in which the cars will pass our gate.  Just as well as the first 12 placings were reversed so that the guy in 12th place came along the road first and the twelvth car to pass was the guy sitting in first place.   (Man, was he motoring!)

Before we left to take up our viewing position on the Pikiwahine side of the farm, the press were gathering at my gate.

We were a little stunned when we saw the number of cars parked along the road on the other side of the corner.

And the number of spectators on the other side of the road from our farm which was one of the official viewing points. 

All very strange and unusual sights for around here.  

And the rally?  It's not over yet.  The sweeper cars, sirens blaring, have started going up the road making sure the road is clear for the second round. Each stage is repeated and the fastest time is recorded.  I think that's how it works. 

Whereas this morning the weather was glorious, it is now overcast and drizzly but not wet enough to make any difference to the state of the road.

Later, or tomorrow, I may have some actual rally car shots to show.


  1. Envious!! I think it's all on Sky TV here 'cos I can't find it on the 30 or so channels I get. I used to follow the WRC avidly. It would be really cool if I could see your place on UK TV!

  2. What a lot of excitement - I'll have to see if we can see some of this on the Sports network.

  3. What excitement in you beautiful part of the country. I don't quite know what the WRC is but it looks well planned and it's sure drawing the crowds.
    Have fun!

  4. How cool! I love rally cars.


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