Saturday, June 9, 2012


Winter colds and flus are catching up with Georgia's soccer team.  Disasterous for a team that has the exact number of players required and not a single reserve.  Or it could be.  If the team they were to play didn't have enough players to almost field two teams.  If their coach wasn't keen to give all his players a full game.  We only had four players so they gave us five and they player nine aside.  I don't know who decided which opposition player would play for our team, maybe the coach did, maybe the kids volunteered but somehow we ended up with a boy who could have been one of their star players.

How the kids figured out who was on which side is beyond me.  Our borrowed players had red bibs but it was still difficult to differentiate.

From time to time it looked like the blues were playing amonst themselves.  The reds were outnumbered and outclassed but somehow won one of their games.  Last week Georgia's team got their first goal of the season and today they had their first win!

The good news is they are improving and developing a good team spirit!  And despite that dark sky in the first shot, we didn't get wet.


  1. What a great way for kids to have fun and to learn about being good sports and playing for love of the game.

  2. reminds me of when my son was training in soccer,

  3. Lovely shots! There's nothing like team sports to develop the skills of teamwork and cooperation.

  4. Great show of good sportsmanship!

  5. What a splendid way to show youngsters what a true sporting spirit is.


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