Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's that time again....

Yes, it's Wearable Arts time again.  And this year I had no input into the outfits other than a discussion with Krystal about how to make a costume for the movie theme "Twilight".   So it was fun going along to the show at the school and having no idea what the girls would be wearing.  

Krystal made her outfit then asked a tall, slim girl in her class to model it for her.  Good move.  Krystal and her model are the pair on the left.  Has that girl got model stamped all over her or what?!

Georgia got second place in the Junior Hat Section with her Sponge Bob.

 I haven't been around blogland much lately.  Don't know why not, just haven't felt like it.  Haven't had anything to say.  It's been a bit "I remember nothing that happened worth relating this day.  How many such days does mortal man pass?"  James Boswell (21 July, 1763)  I know how you were feeling, James. 

Yesterday I tried to rouse myself from my pathetic state and set out for a walk.  Hadn't even gone 100 metres when I felt the rain drops.  I couldn't believe it when I looked back over my shoulder and saw the big black rain clouds.  I've been so not with it that I had only looked in the direction I was headed when I left home.  

I made no such mistake today.  After a fierce frost this morning I suspected a lovely day and indeed it was.  And suddenly I felt my world is such a beautiful place, how could I be so unappreciative and just loll about the house when it is here waiting?

The sky was the bluest of blues and the leafless poplars and the pampas grass only made it seem more so.

Everything seemed more alive in the strong sunshine, against that sky:

Even the big old half dead pine tree seemed more alive than dead.

 Battle scarred but hanging on:


It was a lovely, lovely day.  The kind that only seems to come in winter and after a frost.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Such a lovely post Pauline. The girls in their outfits looked great and loved your other photos too.

  2. I can't believe it's that time of year again either. There is no doubt that the weather does affect our moods- however subtly and however much we think it doesn't. A beautiful day lifts the spirits. Like you I was away from Blogland for a while and although I had plenty of reasons (excuses) I too felt I hadn't much to say. That's so unlike both of us!

  3. Aren't the Winter skies the most beautiful blue.

  4. A blue sky makes all the difference. In our general mood as well as in our photos, it seems!

  5. That's an arboretum of lovely images, I love them.

  6. I beautiful day is always good for the soul.

  7. Beautiful images Pauline! The weather does certainly affect mood. I don't like winter either - I prefer sun and warmth.


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