Friday, June 22, 2012

FSO - Strange or Unusual Signs

What's strange and unusual is a matter of perception.  You might find it unusual for this sign to appear nailed to post beside the road on which you live.  It's not an everyday happening around here either.  It's been two years since Rally New Zealand (the NZ round of the FIA World Rally Championships) has passed along our road. 

Depending on where you live, this sign could be seen as strange, too.  I think I may have posted either this sign or one like it before. 

I had to dig into the archives this week.  I know I've posted this before:

I look forward to seeing what strange and unusual signs the rest of the FSO team has found.   They will be here.


  1. Oh I loved the one of the semi truck. Great job.

  2. Interesting sign, especially the second one.

  3. This weekend there will be a huge bike race through our community and Ryder Hesjedal (our recently named Olympic competitor) will be riding. There are signs everywhere. I may just go out and cheer!

  4. Love that truck. Signs are an interesting photo shoot. You did well on this assignment.
    One question though...
    What is "competitor reconnaissance"?

  5. Thanks for the comments. Farmlady, a few days before the event the drivers and co-drivers have the opportunity to drive the roads they will race on and do their reconnaissance. This is when they figure out the line they will take on corners, how fast they can take them, etc. They don't go at race speed but a lot faster than the average driver. So our road is closed on two days but that's a small price to pay for the front row seats we get tomorrow.

  6. Good finds...but what the heck is competitor reconnaissance!?

  7. You are so l;icky having front seats for the rally. I've travelled behind that truck too. What a sense of humour.


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