Monday, June 25, 2012

FSO Spotlight Photos–Strange and Unusual signs

I've having some sort of technical difficulty accessing the FSO site to post the Spotlight photos from last week.  Yeah, that's right, the first time I do it and I can't do it.  Blame the Irish in me for that comment.  

Apologies to the rest of the FSO team for the delay.  That’s not the best way to start my first attempt at choosing the Spotlight photos is it?   I swear I’m a carrier when it comes to technical glitches.

Hopefully someone who knows how to link this up to FSO will happen along and do it for me. 

I wouldn’t want to be doing this every week.  It’s not all that easy.  I tried to keep in the front of my mind that it was strange and unusual signs that I was looking for.  And I was constantly reminded that what I find strange, others might not.   So I’ve chosen shots that caught my attention for one reason or another. 

For example, I have never heard of a Compact Car.  
Although now that I’ve looked it up I realize I probably should have. 
Welcome to FSO to Love2Bs.

compact car
 I’m afraid I’m one of those people who quite often doesn’t see signs until I practically trip over them;
that would probably be me sitting on top of a warning sign! 

 Suzy’s Little Blue Penguin sign I feel would be unusual to most of us. 
Not many of us have such delightful little flightless birds living in our midst.

Little blue penguins
 Obviously others have too many cats.  So many that they throw them at walls. 
No, Jama, I do think I know what the sign means but my sense of humour
keeps asking where should I throw them then?  

Don't throw cats
 I liked Loredana’s treatment of her Spiderman shot. 
Thanks for drawing my attention to him. 
A rural person like me would not be looking at a bus, but up, up at the overwhelming surroundings. 
Yet, there he was setting out to scale the building.

 Nothing left. 
Except Barbara’s forlorn nothing left to steal shot.

nothing left

Ahhh, that wasn't so hard after all.  Except it's not where it is meant to be.


  1. I've no idea what the technical glitches are that you are talking about so it hasn't detracted from my enjoyment of the photos one iota.

  2. Sorry about your dilemma with the link. It makes one crazy doesn't it?
    I enjoyed the post. Especially love the last photo. I can identify with the frustration level of this person and it says a lot about the morals of your times.

  3. Didn't notice anything either Pauline, hope it's sorted out soon. I know these things can be very frustrating. A fun post, very enjoyable.

  4. You did a great job Pauline. I am supposed to do it next week. I found the blog on my dashboard but I won't know until I try if it comes out right or not. You might check and see if the blog is listed on your dashboard with you main blog. You are to write your post on that blog. Maybe that will help. You are a good sport for doing it. Love that last photo.

  5. Funny series. LOL

    Some things are lost
    in translation. ;-)

  6. Goodness, what does the one about throwing cats really mean? ALthough it is certainly NOT a good idea to throw cats of course :)


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