Friday, June 8, 2012

FSO - Interiors

The helpful words for this topic are: Take us inside some places in your community. Try not to use your home, rather community places. 

To gather my photos I did something rather unusual for me.  I made a plan and followed it through.  Usually I make a plan, get to wherever only to discover that idea is not going to work. 

Yesterday's plan was to go to Forum North and the library to get my interiors shots.  Both are owned and run by the Whangarei District Council, and they are next door to each other, so no need for two lots of parking. 

Forum North is an event and conference venue with council functions carried out in the rest of the building. These stairs lead up to the Capitaine Bougainville Theatre where I occasionally watch a movie. 


From this same spot I look around and see a lady with her laptop sitting quietly in a corner, dwarfed by the stained glass window. 

Red carpet to function rooms:

Posters of upcoming events:


Next door at the library I had to promise not to take any photos with people in them.  I took a few of the chess game and waited until the girl on the right made the move which lead to her defeat.  The young man liked this shot of his reflection so I figured I hadn't broken the rules too badly. 

I got a bit carried away with reflection shots:

 But I think the kids corner would have been much better with some little people in it.  

Back out in the parking lot  I got a twitchy shutter finger when I noticed the interior of the work ute parked next to my car.  Knowing I'd have to put the camera up to the window glass and risk the owner coming along and perhaps not being happy with my intrusion into his wardrobe, I nearly flagged it.  Then two lads approached and I had a delightrful conversation when I asked them if they would be my lookouts.  You can just see one of them in the corner of the wing mirror.  They were good kids, they sure put me through my paces before they agreed - they weren't about to be tempted into a life of crime by some crazy old lady.  They will make great policemen in a few years!

I hope everyone isn't having the formatting problems I've had today.  I think this has been a great topic with so many possible interpretations, I'm really looking forward to seeing the shoot-outs from the rest of the team.


  1. You have two beautiful public spaces in your town. Our library is a great place, but there's no stained glass or large expanses - pretty utilitarian.

  2. I wanted to get some shots of our library but I know I get stares with my DSLR, so I shoot with my handphone camera, but I got to shoot secretly. But doesn't come out great so I went to my archives to select some related photos. I absolutely love that stained glass, so pretty.

  3. What a fun post Pauline. I enjoyed all these photos but I loved the one of the chess game and also your last photo made me laugh. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I loved the story of the last shot too and admire your "planned shoot". The red carpet picture seems to go into the interior indefinitely...

  5. I was wondering if the big stained glass windows are a fixture for every library now until I read Pondsi's comment. I have ours up. I enjoyed your post. Great photos and narrative.

  6. The red carpet shot is awesome! Love the stained glass, too :)

  7. Love the kids corner - very sweetly done.

  8. Great shots. I love the reflection photos, both the chess game and the one with 'the bookshelves in the garden'. I went to the library too! without asking anyone's permission, just using my own sense of discretion...

  9. Love those steps and glass. And talk about a red carpet!

  10. What a great photo of the books reflecting in the grounds. Makes for a very clever effect.

  11. am just getting around to everyone, and it is time to go on to the next topic. you sound like me, I make a plan then sit with a book and do nothing. I also went to a library - none on the shots were interesting - it was the children in the library that made good photos and of course couldn't take photos of people... convention centers always have cool spaces inside.

  12. You have a special way with interpretations, Pauline. In so many ways and especially with your photos. I thoroughly enjoyed that tour.


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