Friday, June 15, 2012

FSO - Guided tour

So glad you could make it all the way out here to my place.  I hope the road didn't scare you too much and you had time to look around, with the forest on your right and the creek flats on your left, farm animals here and there. 


I thought about taking you into town and showing you the must sees but any tourist can see those.  Tourists usually see probably thousands of farms from the road, rail or air but not many get the opportunity to visit a real working NZ farm.  

Let's see if I can find you some suitable footwear and we can go for a walk.  We'll stop and have a look at the dairy herd.  Go as close as you like, they will just quietly move away from you. 

 Later on we can come back and see them in the yard waiting to be milked. 

We'll pop into the shed and say hello to my son.  Go down and put the cups on the cows if you like.  Don't worry, they won't hurt you but you could get awfully grubby.

This is the place on the farm I love, the creek.  Our little stream comes straight down out of the mountain and feeds into the larger creek at this point and then flows out to the west coast.  Everywhere on the farm is quiet but here there is the sound of water rippling over rocks which I find soothing.

Goodness me, I forgot the health and safety talk all good tour guides give!  As we go around the farm this peak in the forest is our landmark.  There no chance of us getting lost is we follow the farm track but if I break a leg, just walk on a little and it will come into view.  As long as you are heading towards it, you are heading home.  And don't touch any fences, they could be electric.

For the most part it's an easy walk, nice and flat down the back of the farm. 

You never know, we might catch a glimpse of a goods train rumbling away in the distance.   There are only a few a day and I can't hear them from my house. 

When we get back would you like to have a horse ride?

Next time we'll take a walk up into the forest.  Take care on your way to visit the rest of the FSO team.

Oh, by the way, I've had Error bX-1io90b, I hope it's not contagious.


  1. I have had the error bX-1io9ob vaccine, but thanks for letting us know. Its nothing to be ashamed of. :)

    I love the b n' w of the cows!! I also like the train photo and I DO want to go horseback riding!

    This looks like a great, great place!

  2. Gosh Pauline, it is just beautiful where you live. You are so blessed. I too love the black and white of the cows.

  3. I love a walk around a farm. Lived on one for several years but BIL was the operator. We just had the benefits of the beauty. great photos.

  4. Oh dear, and I who have been under the impression that the forest would be on my left and the creek flats on my right! Now I'm having problems turning the map over in my head... I wonder if that has something to do with the light and you being "down under"...!

    I love that photo with the trees in the foreground and the misty mountains in the background.

    I suspect my grass allergy would seriously kick in during a tour round your place, though...

  5. Ypu've made me feel quite homesick! I loved the tour. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful tour!

    Did you comment a while back on my blog about being interested in a literary blog of some kind? What did you have in mind? I am definitely interested in a joint venture.

  7. Lovely photos. The black and white ones are really artistic. My favorite is the one by the creek :)

  8. This is a terrific behind the scenes tour. You are right, a tourist might never see this. I love it.

  9. Looks to me you have a slice of heaven to enjoy.

    Lovely photos!

  10. Thanks for the lovely walk through your countryside. It was rather refreshing. What beautiful scenery and I love the creek. There is something every soothing about running water, surrounded by nature.


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