Friday, April 20, 2012

FSO - the rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds:
This is a compositional tool that places the subject of the photo 
 in an area of intersecting lines
created by dividing the photo in 3rds horizontally and vertically.

Anyone who visits my blog regularly knows I love taking photos of the dairy cows on the farm where I live.  One day I will capture their placid nature and gentle eyes.  I thought, when I cropped this one according to the rule of thirds, I'd achieved it.  Then I notice the crazed eye of the cow in the bottom left of the shot.  So I thought I'd have a go at drawing attention to her.

Also on the farm we have crops - and the cursed carrot weed, commonly known as Parsley Dropwort.

To nourish the cows and the crops we need (and usually get) lots of rain.  We prefer gentle rain, not storms, but that doesn't stop me loving a good storm and appreciating the beauty of storm clouds.

The Vodofone tower on the top of a peak in the Tangihau Forest is the local landmark we see daily and most of the time it just looks like a drab grey structure but occasionally, when the light is right in the early evening, we can see its true colour.  The tramp to the tower is way beyond me and although I've heard about the outbuildings, I've never seen them except through the zoom of the camera. 

I'm blessed in that I live close to the forest and not far from the sea. 

Once upon a time when I belonged to Toastmasters I learned that one should never say "And finally..." but what the hell, I'm complying with the Rule of Thirds today (I hope) and that's enough conformance for one day.  So, and finally, just to prove that I do occasionally see the night lights....

So many terrific photographers take part is Friday My Town Shoot outs, I'm looking forward to seeing how they have applied The Rule to this weeks topcic.  They will be here if you'd like to check them out.


  1. You really nailed the Rule of Thirds when you cropped the cow photo!! Great job! In the first photo, your eye is drawn to the main cow (haha!) whose expression is less interesting. But, in the second version, you focus on the more intellectual cow ;) who is having more interesting thoughts! I like the other photos too!

  2. Yes - I found the same thing -- that cropping thirdsily often brought intersting things to the front.

  3. You did well with the cropping of the cow photo, getting the focus on that one in the corner (I didn't even really notice it in the first photo). My other favourite here is the sea-photo, all those gorgeous shades of blue.

  4. Nicely done. As much as I liked that first shot, I love love love that you recropped it to highlight the crazy-eyed cow. The rule of thirds doesn't have to be a serious undertaking.

  5. I liked what Cheryl said. That's clues me into a new outlook. Of course, rules are made to be broken.

  6. I love your cattle shots. The crazed cow-eye was funny - as though the cow is angry to be photographed by you.

  7. Well done, Pauline. I agree with what everyone is saying about the cropped photo that zooms in on the crazy eyed cow. I never ever get tired of the scenery you showcase in your photos. Just beautiful. Yes, you are very blessed to live near the forest and not far from the sea. You have the best of both in the best of both worlds, you always have something interesting and beautiful to photograph.

  8. Love the cow photos, I also adore them. Yes there is always at least one crazy cow in every group, you certainly found yours.
    You live in a beautiful part of the country.

  9. Love the second shot. Who could miss that eye!

  10. You have a good eye when you start noticing the "real" center of attention in a photo. Finding these "photos within photos" is what makes being a photographer worthwhile and more interesting.
    I love the comment about "the more intellectural cow". That was hysterical.
    Lovely photos all.

  11. Wow! that cow looks a little crazed to me. I love it though!

  12. Looks like the cows are aware that somebody is taking photos of them ^_^


  13. Your first photo is a winner! It was interesting to hear that you must never say "and finally" but I think that's one of those rules that is meant to be broken. Apparently it's a crime to write about a person as being "unique" because every person is unique. I still use the word ...oh - oh i'm breaking rules again...

  14. Crazy cow-eye shot! I like the first one, too, though.

    Such beautiful skies and ocean-scapes, too.

  15. cow says: take me. take me, I am the actress.

    1/3 does make it lookgood. I cropped mine.

    do you have trouble loading the photos?

  16. I love the wild eyed cow. loved that you saw it out of the bigger picture. and yes looking for the placid cow is something I love to photo. I have just the eye of a horse that I love.... but the eye is more one half of the photo... usually my flowers are one half also.... just take them the way I see them.... the rule of thirds is afterall a guide / help not a rule of death.

  17. Great shots of cows, country scenes and the town. Well captured and nice use of the "rule of thirds"


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