Sunday, March 18, 2012

It will be a while....

quite a while, before I have another visit from my younger daughter's little family.

Justine, Bill and Aiden are moving to Taranaki on Thursday.  I'll travel down with Justine and Aiden and return with older daughter, Leone on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to seeing their new home and helping them get settled. 

We had a nice weekend.  Bill's cousin from England, Heather and her travel companion, Lauren enjoyed their visit to the farm, I think.  They got up early and helped milk the cows, went for a ride on the quad bike.  (Justine let them drive down the back somewhere and they were all smiles when they got back.)

Last night we played cards with Danny and Heather (and card shark, Georgia). 

This morning the weather was coolish and drizzly, but that didn't stop Lauren from horse riding.  They are tougher than they look those English roses.  Portia hadn't been ridden for a month and was mis-behaving a little but Lauren was more than capable of handling her. 

Aiden had a great time yesterday playing outside.

Watching soccer from his own special spot:

Coming home and being the centre of attention with his cousins and trying out his ball skills:

Look at the state of that ball!  It has rested in my front yard for years, too dirty to bring inside.

Two balls got a bit confusing:

Then it was time to hit the shower as I don't have a bathtub.  No complaints from Aiden although he did have a bit of difficulty opening his eyes and looking at me.

But he finally got the hang of it.

This morning before leaving, it was one last play on the floor and a big hug goodbye for Georgia.


  1. It's great that you took so many photos of this. They will be such fond memories!

  2. Can't believe he's grown so big!

  3. Aiden has kissable cheeks, lucy you. And I bet those girls enjoyed getting up 'early' to milk the cows - some photos of the fun would be nice.

  4. Gosh Aiden is his Mother's son and no mistaking that!


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