Friday, March 2, 2012

FSO - Paths. Steps and Walkways

Some paths are narrow, some wider.  In this case, tyre tracks form the path through long grass to a seldom visited church in Whirinaki.  To access this church we followed a track through farmland, there is no road access.

Normally there are steps to a bell tower.  At the front of the little church above, you would need sharp eyes to detect the path to the bell:

Here there are steps fashioned into the path:

 Rapidly disappearing steps:

The path home from the beach:

I know this is a bit of a stretch, but this was the path to pure contentment for the chap sitting fishing at the end of the jetty.

I thought I would have more for this topic after spending 4 days with camera almost constantly in hand when I wasn't driving.   Must have had a bit of tunnel vision - if it wasn't a church, I didn't notice it. 

To see the paths, steps and walkways from the rest of the Friday Shoot Out Team, just pop over here.


  1. Some great examples Pauline. I love the wharf to the water.

  2. Creative! You spotted such a variety. I like the beach footprints, and the fisherman's wharf is perfect.

  3. A great selection, Pauline. I don't know why you were apologising! (Keep the tunnel vision in case FMTSO ever does tunnels!)

  4. Another one entry on peaceful and quiet walkways, just love it! the last one is my favorite!

  5. I don't think the last one is stretching things at all. It was a very satisfying sight even if he didn't catch any fish worth talking about.

  6. I like your 'bit of a stretch' ;)

    Re the first picture, it looks so odd with a church like that 'in the middle of nowhere'. I'm sure we still have some like that too, but old countryside wooden chapels here tend not to have towers (since the free churches did not use bells) and thus often are not quite so 'obvious'.

    Love that bell hanging on the fence!

  7. great group of photos, I like the first and the last, both really good photos (in my humble opinion!)

  8. looks like a steep climb to the church. No wonder many people don't go to church.

    I went to the World Day of Prayer last night.


    8 churches combined and prayed last night.

  10. I think you found lots of great paths after spending 4 days with camera constantly in hand! And I admire the dedication that takes. The church and footsteps on the beach are both really touching and full of meaning.


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