Monday, March 19, 2012

Early home - take 2

A few years ago, not long after we had moved to this farm, I had a nasty experience in floodwater.  Since then I tend to err on the side of caution when heavy rain is predicted.  It was raining heavily this morning but the creek was still within its banks when I drove to work.  When I got there I started to hear about all the flooded areas, about staff who were flooded in and I started to get a bit nervous.  I checked the weather map.  Ahh, yes, that looks like heavy rain to me.  The severe weather warning confirmed it, "In the 27 hours from 9am Monday to midday Tuesday expect a further 100 to 150mm of rain, mainly from about Kaikohe southwards. Peak intensities of 15 to 20 mm per hour, easing Tuesday morning."

So I decided to come home early.

There was no water across our road but some farm access roads had water across them.

It was too wet to get out of the car to take photos but I managed a few out the windows.

Lovely weather for ducks.

I don't have a rain gauge but Georgia placed a glass on a post after she arrived home from school (school finished 20 minutes early because of rising flood water) and we collected around 350 mm between 4 pm and 6.30 and it is coming down heavier now, so I'd say there will be no work for me tomorrow.

I posted this earlier but for some unknown reason it finished after the weather map. 


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Oh well, better to be safe than sorry. Just caught up with your last couple of posts, Aiden is so grown up now. Wow.

    Happy days.

  2. Well I saw the forecast for you and wondered how you'd fare. Our forecast was nowhere near as bad and after 5 hours of rain my drive is totally covered where I (usually) park the car.

  3. Wow - flooded greenery. A fascinating, if a bit wet, approach. The ducks seem happy at least.

  4. I do think you're very wise to stay home. I hope it won't be too long until the sun comes out and dries up all the rain!


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