Friday, February 17, 2012


 There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired.
- F(rancis) Scott Key Fitzgerald

This week I've been pursued to do things, I've pursued other people to do things,  been busy, busy, busy.  And I'm tired, tired, tired.  My recent years of laziness catching up with me?!

No, sympathy is not expected.  Along with the tiredness is a feeling of satisfaction.  But not much in the way of hearts.

As I usually do when I haven't been motivated to go looking around town for shots to fit the topic, I've prowled around the house knowing there would be little to be found in the hearts and roses line.  I give up and wander outside thinking perhaps I will find a heart shape provided by nature.  Nope!  Then I notice the shell heart shaped thing Georgia and I made a couple of years ago sitting on the barbeque table.

I'm seriously not a hearts and roses person. So imagine my surprise as I download the photo and lift my eyes to the photo of my departed father and a heart hits me in the eye.  It is right there about six inches above my monitor, a little jar holding pens, etc  I have to turn it upside down to see it clearly.

And so my thoughts turn to a place near to my heart and I am off on a journey to return there.  I follow this narrow road up the valley.

Past the old house of my paternal grandparents where I spent the first five years of my life.


 Past the fields of lush green crops.

And soon I see it, just before the road ends, in the distance, over the creek and up the lane there it is, the home of my maternal grandparents.

And guess what?  I feel rejuvenated, a little of the energy I had as a child running around those hills with my brothers and sisters searching for wallabies and avoiding snakes, has crept into my heart.   (We made so much noise we had little chance of seeing either.)

This place is not near my town, nor in New Zealand but it is the place that will never leave me.

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  1. lovely, going home. the tired of accomplishment is easily replenished. I like the photo of the jar above your monitor.... nice shot.

  2. You found part of your own heart in this lovely place. That's far more than a photo shoot... that's a place that stays inside of you forever.

  3. Your country has so much flat land with gorgeous mountains and natural view, so opposite to mine. A lot of them are man-made. I would love to just walk around there to enjoy God's greatest creation !

  4. I'd feel rejuvenated if I came from a house in an area of such natural beauty. Having been brought up in a city I give thanks that I have that now.

  5. A clever interpretation and a lovely post; well done, Pauline.

  6. I love those kind of places, that find their way into your heart! It looks beautiful.

  7. For someone who started out not planning to do anything, you ended up hitting all the bases and swelling our hearts as well as our eyes. Amazing how that sometimes happens. Thanks for sticking with it.

  8. What a wonderful place. Thanks for the tour.

  9. Love your post, and it seems that our thoughts went very much along the same way with this theme! I've been very much engrossed in my own family history this week. There is a button to my new family history blog at the top of the sidebar in my main blog if you'd like to check it out some time.

  10. It is always wonderful to go home. Even if it is only in your mind or your heart in this case.

  11. Lovely, Pauline. The heart you showed us, so beautifully, was your own.
    I remember how I enjoyed your posts about your time with your grandparents - nice to revisit the houses!

  12. I can identify with the country where your grands and you heart are. I loved living and running in the fields. Great post.

  13. Lovely take on the theme - a place so close to your heart. It put a smile on my face.

  14. I enjoyed reading this. And your take on this theme was super!


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