Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Hokianga Church - Waireia Church, Lower Waihou

Shops and places to purchase petrol are few and far between in the Hokianga.  Just as I was beginning to get a bit concerned we came to Panguru with a small shop and an old fashioned petrol bowser beside it.  I had to guess how much I needed and the shop keeper programmed in that amount and then pumped it in for us.  Which provided an opportunity for a chat and to learn about a few more churches we didn't know about.  

He said there was one at Lower Waihou and we could see that on the map but had gone a ways past that point before we came to it.  It was the church a work colleague had told me about - looks like something out of the wild west was her description.  It certainly was different from the other little wooden churches we saw.

It was erected by a Dutch priest, Father Kreymborg, between 1917 and 1927 when he was serving at Panguru.

It was one of the few churches we saw that had a choir - oh darn, what's the name of the elevated place where church choirs sing? Loft?  Anyway, of the few we saw, this was the only one that was still accessible.

We found it unusual for the inside of Hokianga churches to be painted white.

It has that lovely blend of European and Maori cultures that are evident in so many of these churches.


 Further along the same road is the little church at Te Karaka, birthplace of Dame Whina Cooper.

Did I just say not many churches are painted white inside?  Oops, this one is, too.

I thought it was lovely in it's simplicity.


  1. like the moari motiff and basket.

  2. Beautifully illusrated and interesting, of course, I'm wondering how many other churches are painted white.

  3. That first one certainly looks a bit different in character than other ones I can recall you showing in the past.

  4. I like the first one, but it does look out of place compared to the others.

  5. It's strange seeing the churches through your blog when I've not even had time to go through all my own photos yet! If the storm hits us tomorrow the tournament in Tauranga may be postponed for a morning or longer and I may get to blog tomorrow.


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