Saturday, January 14, 2012

What rain?

Three days ago I said the weather forecast was for showers every day until Sunday.  Later that same evening I looked out at this sunset.  That didn't look like a no rain tomorrow sunset to me! 

The colours were even more intense in the direction that I don't have a good view of the sky.

Sure enough, we haven't had any rain since.  Today has been lovely, a little windy but warm, just lovely.  Actually, by the time I'd been walking about 20 minutes it felt quite hot. 

One of the many good things about living on a farm is I can see and appreciate the benefits of lots of rain.  I posted this photo of the maize crop on 18 November just as it was coming up.

Today, it is above my head.  This shot is taken at eye level; love the greens.

Further around the track the turnip crop is also thriving.  You can see the maize on the hill in the background.  They are on a bit on a lean, I didn't notice that the fence post I was using to rest the camera on wasn't even.

And look at the size of this turnip.  Might be past it's best for (human) eating, I think.

Everywhere I looked today everything seemed perfect.  The land, the sky, the cows, even the wildflowers and weeds.

For those who thought it took some nerve to ask the policeman for my Long Arm of the Law photo - I very nearly didn't!

The police station was quite busy, a few people waiting to see each of the two civilians manning the desk.  I caught a glimpse beyond them into the offices behind but couldn't see any police officers in uniform.  Assumed they would all be upstairs in the offices and I figured by the time I asked for a uniformed policeman/woman to take a photo, there would be other people lined up behind me and I would feel like I was wasting everyones time.  So I chickened out.  

But, as I walked out the door I saw just what I wanted on the other side of the road waiting for the lights to change to come towards the station.  And I know a nice face when I see one!  So I waited for him to cross and asked him.  He thought I was trying to pluck up the courage to go in and ask but I told him I'd already been in and come out again.  I think I amused him.

I've only been turned down once when asking people if I can take their photo.  And have no conscience about firing off shots without permission if I don't think they will notice.  And, for some reason, people very rarely notice.  

But the one time I was refused stands out as one of the funniest experiences I've had in years.  It was the winter before last.  Can't remember why but I wanted photos of elderly people.  I'd gone to see a play where there was a dinner beforehand served by theatre volunteers.  An extremely handsome white haired gentleman was serving the wine at our table.  He had a very aristocratic demeanour, was as deaf as a post and was amusing those at my table by serving anything except what was requested.  

When he left the room I followed him and asked could I please have his photo.  He straightened his back, and looked very regal as he suggested the blood red wall in the hall would be a good backdrop.  Perfect, I thought.  That wonderful full head of snowy white hair would look fantastic against the deep red. 

BUT, just as I was about to take my shot, he asked what I was going to do with the photo.  I explained about the Friday Shoot Outs but he only heard "internet" and went off on a bit of a rant.  No, no way, he wasn't going to be on the internet, he knew all about the internet, he had grandchildren (couldn't quite see the connection there), no way was he having any part of the internet.  And every time he said "internet" it was with more venom. 

I thanked him politely and telling myself I never thought I'd see the day that a man that age didn't appreciate my attentions, returned to my friends. 

For the rest of the evening, every time I looked around that man would be somewhere glaring at me.  I felt like he was keeping a very sharp eye on this loose woman who went on the internet and making sure I didn't influence any of the decent people around me. 

I really enjoyed my night of being seen as a wicked woman!


  1. Hello Pauline.

    Catching up with your blog. I hope you do put some of your photo's into print even if it is one of those books you do at the photo place. They are just stunning. I can't get over the turnip crop, I can't imagine planting them let alone picking them, though I suppose they use a machine.
    Have a dry weekend.!!!

  2. A wonderful story....I have always liked the sprouting maize shot and this time you have matched it with the tilted pine. I do that sometimes to fit things in....very good.

  3. I can just imagine the man's disgust with the internet!
    Your photos today are exceptionally lovely. The sky, the green fields and even the cows all say 'perfect summer day'.

  4. Thanks for the reminder of things growing in nature. Here in the winter, one sometimes has a tendencey to forget and doubt... (Even if this so far has been the greenest winter in a very long time.)

    I enjoyed your stories! I usually sneak my people photos in crowds at public events... Being rather shy of going up to strangers and ask.

  5. What a great and varied post, thank you, Pauline. You reminded me of one of the favourite stories I used to read my children - "The Enormous Turnip". And the maize has grown so quickly I can hardly believe it! What a fertile land you farm.

  6. i like that photo of the circles of maize and the turnips make me think of daddy, he grew turnips, collards and mustard greens, year round, which ever time of the year, he had one of the three growing

  7. Fun to visit today Pauline, enjoyed this lovely series of photos.

  8. Love your post! Delightful photographs around the farm. Blessed with generous amounts of rain.

    Thank you Pauline. :)

  9. Everyone seems to be getting the rain at just the right time this year. Now for some sun - hopefully and the crops will ripen and be bumper.

  10. Love all these photos Pauline. Lovely to see you've obviously been enjoying a good season. We rural-dwellers just love our green don't we?


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