Monday, January 23, 2012

Sad Sammy

The family are at the beach.  The are missed by Sammy, their lovely little dog.  He spends his time either on my deck or sprawled on the lawn.  Over the weekend he trotted back to the family home on the hill, only to return about 10 minutes later.  I guess he thought they might have returned while he was sleeping.  He's accompanied me on walks around the farm but has just trotted along at my heels, none of his usual adventuring and exploring, as if it's no fun with just me.  

Poor, sad Sammy!  I miss them, too.


  1. oh Pauline -your photos are all so adorable ! You are a very talented photographer cheers teri

  2. Poor Sammy, indeed. I think he should star in his own story - illustrated by you, of course!

  3. Why did I think of 'Room With a View' I wonder? Ah yes. 'It's as if the life has gone out of him, body and soul.' Leastways I think that's the quote.

  4. Dogs are not sad for long. They are perpetual optimists. Offal usually works wonders!


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