Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mini flood

We've just had a fine, rain free day!  The way the weather has been lately, that is nearly reason for celebration.

Yesterday afternoon it absolutely bucketed down.  A lot of rain in a very short time.

But I was still surprised when I drove to work this morning just how much water there was in the creek that meanders beside the road nearly all the way to the corner (12 kms).

In some places the creek was full but still within its banks.  In other places it was well and truly overflowing. 

But there was a hint of blue in the sky and it turned into a lovely day.

The water runs away quickly and coming home the creek was almost back to its easy going old self.

As you can see from the sky in the second shots, the sky is not exactly clear blue but it was warm and clear.

The weather forecasters tell us it will be Sunday before we have another rainless day! 

Ah well, looks like another wet summer to keep the farmers happy.  Can't complain about that.  Or I won't, many others will!


  1. your photos are gorgeous Pauline! Glad to see the waters subsiding too.Did you know it's 12 months since Queensland was so badly devastated by the great flood here. cheers teri

  2. It saves travelling right round the world. It looks pretty much identical to here.

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  4. Oh dear...keep your mud boots handy!

  5. The photos of your corner of the world are the perfect antidote to the snow that has finally blanketed our land overnight. What's good for the farmers is good for the rest of them even though they don't realize it! Keep smiling Pauline!

  6. Being a desert dweller I am amazed by how green it is there. Just beautiful!

  7. It seems hard to envisage the sluggish, brackish streams that I've seen when I've been there.


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