Monday, January 9, 2012


Earlier this afternoon I was reading the latest post from A Little Bit of Me in which she tells of having lunch in Howard, Queensland.  If you'd asked me what was that little town just inland from Maryborough where I visited my Uncle John while on my honeymoon in the mid 60s, I wouldn't have been able to name it.  

But as soon as I saw "Howard", I was there.  My uncle and aunt had not been able to attend our wedding so I'd convinced my groom that we must call in to see him.  I was always very fond of this uncle.

These days Howard has a population somewhere around 1,000, I think it was smaller than that in 1966.  I know we had no problem finding the Police Station.  I remember our visit so clearly and the fun I had at the expense of the young constable who greeted me when I entered the station.

I doubt he was much younger than I was at the time but I sensed his lack of confidence and could see my uncle at the back of the room.  When he asked could he be of assistance I said no, I really wanted to talk to an older, more handsome man.  He did his best to convince me that he could handle whatever it was that I wanted but I kept insisting on an older, better looking man and finally said what about that dark haired one back there, he looks nice.  The poor guy blushed and blurted, "But that's the senior sergent!" as if he were more than a mere mortal. 

I had started to suspect that my uncle had seen and heard me and had a hard time keeping a straight face as he approached and in quite a loud, stern voice told me it was obvious I hadn't changed my ways, that he would deal with me outside.  Once out the door he indicated we should go around the corner where we hugged and laughed and laughed.  My groom who was being a bit ignored in my delight at seeing my uncle again, was finally introduced and my uncle took us home for lunch.  

After a while I felt a bit bad about having fun at that poor young man's expense but my uncle declared he was a bit "wet behind the ears" and it wouldn't have done him any harm. 

Oh, how times have changed!


  1. great story Pauline-loved it! cheers teri

  2. That's a great story.
    Times have changed, for certain, and in some parts a bit of innocent fun like that is frowned upon now. Your uncle sounds like he was a good sport, and I'll bet the young policeman told that story for years.

  3. Times have changed but reading your story brought a smile to my face. Thanks!

  4. "wet behind the ears" I just love that expression. It seems I don't hear it much anymore. Fun story, thanks for sharing.

  5. We were all a bit wet behind the ears at one time. Sadly it seems so long ago now that I wouldn't mind having a bit of that naivety back.

  6. You haven't changed much have you?!


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