Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're ready

One of my favourite bloggers, Dawn Treader, yesterday remarked that "Nature is not quite in balance this December" in Sweden where she lives.

Strange, I was thinking exactly the opposite yesterday as I drove home from work.  I couldn't help but think, "We are ready."  By we I meant, the countryside and I. Yesterday as I headed into town I thought the weather was clearing after all the recent rain.  Wrong!  10 minutes later I was driving through drizzling rain and coming home it was the same.   The rained cleared momentarily at the corner but started up again before I had travelled 20 metres.

A few metres into our road I noticed the young pohutakawas (the New Zealand Christmas trees) at the school were in bloom.  It was too wet to get out of the car and take photos so I chopped off it's tip through the car window. 


It took me ages to travel the 12 kms from the corner to home.  Even in the drizzle, the countryside looked so lush and green, so in balance, so ready for Christmas.

The cattle look contented, and in the spirit of Christmas were ignoring the sheep in their midst.

In the sheep paddocks the woolies look happy with the world.  Rain never worries them much anyway.

A bit further along the road the ducks were gathered.  Yep, it was lovely weather for them.

Beside the road all sorts of weeds and flowers are in bloom.

Even the thistles look happy.  OK, I may be a bit over imaginative, getting carried away with Christmas cheer, but they definitely do look healthy.

When I reached home the dairy herd were grazing in the drizzle.

The agapanthas were blooming up my son's driveway.

And on the deck my daugher-in-law has a lovely Christmassy bloom - hope it is still flowering in five days!

All photos, except for the last, were taken out the car window.  You can see how the rain is light and off and on.  The sort of rain farmers love.

Love it or not, I hope it clears for Christmas day.  My family are an energetic lot, and need to burn off excess energy with outdoor activities.


  1. Your photos are always something to look at and enjoy - and these ones are through a window - I despair of ever taking a really good photo!
    I'm ready for Christmas, just like your weather.

  2. Looks like a good year for Pohutakawas according to your example. Looks as though we might have good weather for Christmas. Like you I do hope so.

  3. I still find it hard to quite imagine Christmas in summery weather since for me it's so firmly rooted in snow and cold. Just now we're having a light snowfall - but very wet snow so not very likely to be staying. Your 'Christmas tree' resembles one I've seen in pictures from my blogging friend Sandra=MadSnapper in Florida but I can't tell if it's actually the same. Very pretty it is, anyway.

  4. all of your Christmas flowers are awesome. I enjoyed my trip with you, rain or no rain. hope it clears for Christmas day, we are expecting rain on Christmas, we have not had rain in months and months now.

  5. Oh, that red tree is beautiful! I wonder if one would survive in Arizona.

  6. I enjoyed seeing the New Zealand Christmas trees - they are so beautiful. I hope that you will have a perfect day weather wise for your family's Christmas get together. We have very little snow and I will welcome the change. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Beautiful captures, Pauline.


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