Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jami is a rock star

I think of Jami as our pocket rocket.  But after I googled that expression I learnt it has a different meaning in other countries according to the Urban dictionary.  Here in the colonies it means a small person who has boundless energy.  

And that is Jami.  Jami has so many talents and she gives everything she tries everything she's got.  She's what I call a 100% kid. 

It's just as well she has lots of energy, she's just had a big week performing with the school band at the end of year prizegiving, dance group rehearsals and four dance concerts.

At her school prizegiving she received the school's award for overall excellence in the Arts.  Well done, Jami - and well deserved!  I think this link should work:

Last night she was awarded the Auckland Academy of Dance Hip Hop Incentive Award for the dancer with the best attitude and work ethic, providing other dancers with the incentive to try harder and achieve.

Three weeks ago she was in Sydney with her dance group competing in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds, which is the biggest international hip hop dance competition and most prestigious urban dance event in the Southern Hemisphere.   Before that it was the National Champs. Before that..... well, you get the picture!

I lose track of her many accomplishments.  I remember she won her speech competition at school and did well in the cross country race despite not being a natural runner.  But, as I said, she's a 100% kid.

And in a week she will be here for Christmas! Love you, Jam jar!


  1. Pauline, she's such a doll, so pretty and talented. I watched her video and I thought she was really good.

  2. Congratulations, she deserves a gold star.
    The first paragraph is priceless.

  3. What a girl! I watched the video - she really has it, hasn't she?!

  4. beautiful plus talented, nothing better. I have never heard pocket rocket here.

  5. Yes she really is a 100% kid. That's a great expression. But I'd certainly have understood pocket rocket too. Must look it up in the UD to see what I'm missing.

  6. Wonderful! She sounds like she has tons of energy!

  7. Hello Pauline,

    Congrats to Jami, she sounds so busy with her dancing. Of to watch the video.

    From the tone deaf woman with two left feet!!!
    Happy days.

  8. A talented young lady brimming with self-confidence. Your words are full of love for her.

    Does she know about your blog? :)


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