Friday, December 23, 2011

FSO - Lights

Lights - night lights, daylight, sunlight, accent lights, light fixtures.

Now could someone please turn out that light, I need my sleep ... it's nearly Christmas.

No Christmas lights, I find them a little too artificial for my simple tastes.  I'm happy just to admire everyone elses.

I'll try to get here to catch up on the team's light shots when I've finished the housework and The Big Day preparations. 

I wish my family and friends a wonderful and happy Christmas.  


  1. Lovely grouping of photo's. So much so it's enlightening!

    Merry Christmas, Pauline.

  2. A lovely selection, Pauline. The first is an absolute stunner and I like the third because I recognise the occasion.

  3. Very good. The Helicopter shot is a cracker. Merry Christmas.

  4. That first shot is a winner!
    Merry Christmas from one side of the Pacific to the other.

  5. Such a great selection of "light" shots - love the helicopter.

    Merry Christmas from the Atlantic Ocean side of the world! Southwestern Ontario is still snow-free at this point so it's not looking like a white Christmas at this point.

    Just heard the news from Christchurch, praying that all will be safe.

    Merry Ho, Ho! xoxo Elaine

  6. wow wow wow on the helicopter and the reflection, but the light shining on the leaves is spectacular.

  7. You were good grandma and took your grands to see square pants sponge bob?

    I don't have lights too on my tree. I used to, but when I am the only one who had to take th e tree down, and pack the lights away nicely. I decided I had enough. That year, the Indonesian Tsunami, I was here in NZ, and my husband was in Singapore, the students came to collect things for the relief fund. He rang me here in NZ if he could give away the tree, I said yes.

  8. The first picture is awesome! Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed christmas!

  9. Beautiful set of light! Merry Christmas!


  10. Like the others I like your helicopter shot. and of course one Gramma to another, the last shot.
    Hope your Christmas is a happy one, and that you have good plans for the comming year.
    hugs and kisses from Brasil

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family Pauline!

  12. Just dropping by to say Merry Christmas. I've been away this month (needed a blogging break) but normal service to resume in January. Thanks for following and commenting so regularly this year.

    Hope your Christmas is all you wished for.



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