Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's the best age for Christmas?

To me any age is a good age for Christmas.  I loved it as a child, one of a large family with little money for gifts.  I loved it when my children were young and it was a bit of struggle (and often not possible) to give them what they dreamed of for Christmas.  

And I love it still.  

This year all my grand-daughters will receive hand made gifts. If I were more imaginative, I'm sure I could come with things to make for my two grandsons, too, but I come up blank.  Every year I do the made by me theme I worry that the grand-children, who receive so many wonderful gifts, will think their old grandmother is a bit of a let down.  But, so far, they have been appreciative, so I am trying not to worry about how this year's gifts will be received.  I worry that the three 13 year olds will have outgrown what I make for them.  

But I know the eight year old will appreciate her gift.  She has made decorations for my Christmas tree and while doing so tells me it is more important to make something yourself than just "go into a shop and spend money".


Some might think my Christmas tree is a bit of a disgrace.  It's small and artificial. But to me it is perfect, decorated with love.

It has a few little silver balls that I've had for years and a few decorations my youngest daughter made a few years ago but the rest of the decorations have been made by Georgia.

And we had to add the moose for the "Canadian connection".

We will be working on an angel this afternoon.  And goodness knows what other ideas she won't come up with.  Doesn't matter, really, because they will be made with love.


  1. Now if Christmas was really like that all the time I might be persuaded into liking it too. For me when parents were alive it was a time for being with them so that we could see them and they could see us. Latterly when my wife and children lived 450 miles away from my parents this was very important. I hope that Georgia will become an adult who shares your values - somehow I think she may.

  2. I'll second Graham's comment. I must admit I dislike it. I enjoy doing lunch for the dogs.

  3. I agree with you Pauline ... every age is a great age for Christmas. Love the sentiments of your grandaughter, and I'm certain that regardless of age they will cherish everything you make for them. I love your tree, ours will go up this weekend. Can't wait!

  4. Your traditions sound good to me. My feelings about Christmas have been "mixed" through the years. Some parts I always liked wile others mostly seemed to cause stress. (Children do pick up on that as well as the fun parts.) Now at this age - or at least this year - I'm pretty much free to just please myself, so that's what I'll do.

  5. I love Christmas too - any age is good, so long as there are little ones too

  6. Hello Pauline,

    I love Georgia's decorations, shells jewels etc. You know the best thing about her decorations it doesn't say Made in China.
    Happy days.

  7. Have you ever thought of making panama bottoms or shorts for the grandsons? There are some pretty wild fabrics to choose from these days...

  8. Make that panama bottoms - good thing I checked my comment after i wrote it...

  9. Oh mu goodness - I'm using a different keyboard but really PAJAMA pants is what I meant - sorry!

  10. Not me again - but Pauline I just found the best Personal Christmas Snow Globe idea and thought your grandchildren might really enjoy making them. hHere's the link...

  11. Christmas is fun at any age. Love your tree. When my kids were little they made things too for our tree. I have given your blog an award as I think it's great. Please collect it at


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