Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On duty

I have big responsibilities this week.  But if all goes as smoothly as it did the first two mornings, I will have no complaints.

The dawn chorus is louder at my son's house than it is at mine.  Two huge old trees stand guard and yesterday morning a tui joyously greeting the day, woke me half an hour before the alarm clock was due to rouse me.  I must be mellowing, I didn't mind one bit.

When I stepped outside with the camera to see if I could spot the tui, I was distracted by the early morning sun hitting the tree the tui was in.

There were a few disruptions at bed time last night - darn near an eruption as well.  The girls' cat decided to give birth in the room next to theirs but then bring each of her babies in to their room to meet the family.  Girls and kittens!  Somehow I missed that Awwww gene and have never been able to see the attraction.  Finally I said "Turn that light out" in a convincing enough tone and they got to sleep.

But they were awake and out of bed before me this morning.  Thankfully not tired and grumpy.  Still on a high choosing names for their babies.  

The next two shots were taken yesterday morning as I sat on the deck with a coffee as the girls walked down to the school bus stop.  (Thank heavens I've arranged to start work later this week when I have extra duties looking after the girls!)  Breathing that in would sooth anyones frayed nerves! 


  1. Sounds like a full week.

    Do I gather you aren't the sort who stops new Mum's to look in the pram and say how beautiful some wrinkled little object is? I think I'm with you there.

  2. Good luck........I don't know why but the mention of the cat brought back memories of Gerard Hoffnung's address to the Oxford Union.

  3. Precious land in New Zealand, it is beautiful.

  4. Oh, to have that view. I can only imagine the chorus - sweet music I suspect.


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