Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just another walk

She has grown in stature but is still the same little girl she was when we first starting visiting the creek regularly about five years ago.  

Her legs are longer now.  She no longer gets as wet as she used to.  She no longer strips off her clothes and walks home nearly naked. 

But she still spends a lot of time picking up and peering under rocks:

hauling 'interesting' ones to me for closer examination.

She still asks me questions I can't answer.  Anyone know what sort of larvae this is?  Found under a rock, under water?  She said there were 34 of them altogether.  And didn't buy my "rock grubs?".

She still looks in the mud for footprints:

And points out weeds and grasses for me to photograph:

I know that soon her interests will change and she will want to be jumping into waterholes with her friends rather than puttering around in the shallows with her grandmother.  Krystal and her friend were oblivious to us as they played further down the creek. 

Krystal assured me the water was deep between her friend and the bank.  She leapt into it over and over again, enjoying the sensation of flying.  How long before Georgia wants to fly too?


  1. Hello Pauline,

    That photo of Krystal is amazing. Maybe she can be in the New Zealand diving team when the Commonwealth Games come to the Gold Coast in 2018.

    I wish I had the confidence to do that!!!

    Happy days.

  2. The last is a good shot........not easy.

  3. What a good companion you have. I know you'll enjoy the times you have, while they last.

  4. As someone who loves photography fears water that last shot is both excellent and frightening!

  5. Georgia is growing up with the inevitability of life itself. Mind you SS/CJ poddles around in the shallows turning rocks over and looking at footprints and he's a bit older than Georgia. So perhaps...... Krystal's leap looks as though it's in for a massively sore belly-flop ending. Presumably that's not how it ended though. Super photo.

  6. Oh my! What a beautiful post! You made me cry because of its simplicity, the joy and the gorgeous photos.How wonderful all round.Its posts like this that made me want to give you an award! xx

  7. Oh the last ones is a very good shot... Not easy to catch exactly the right moment! I really like the first one too, with that reflection in the water.

  8. She really seems to be flying – great shot!


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