Friday, November 11, 2011

FSO - The letter A

Never has a shoot out gone so smoothly for me.  I've never been able to get all my shots from the same spot before.  Mind you, I had to go to the Big Smoke (Auckland) to do it.  I'd rather wander around the car park at shops with a camera than go inside and get frustrated.  So Georgia and I elected to wait outside while my daughter-in-law and the nearly 13 year old twins went clothes shopping. 

New Zealand is still basking in the after glow of the Rugby World Cup and their world champion national team, the All Blacks:

Hold on a minute while I climb behind this fence and get my air con units in a row:

The Atomic Car was there - who would have thought?

And Amy was inside shopping too:

No, no, that's the way out, we might get lost.  We don't know our way around the city.

By then Georgia was getting into the spirit of things and dived into the truck to show me something else beginning with the Letter A. Branding is everything, even to an eight year old!
 Eventually we got tired of waiting and joined the girls inside the shop.  I still had time to try on and buy a couple of items before they were finished their shop-a-thon.  And Georgia had time to find something for her baby cousin, Aiden.

Aiden!  Why didn't I think of him?!  Here he is asleep on an aeroplane, on his way to meet his other family in Canada.

Just pop over here to see what A things the rest of the Friday Shoot-out team have found.


  1. Today, I was walking my cerebral palsy boy to my study spce, he asked, " What happened to the All Black flag?" I had not even noticed.

  2. I enjoyed all your photos here , my favorite is the flag , it look so perfect against the white and blue background.

  3. Did you have to rub it in with the All Blacks flag? A great collection of A's, Pauline.

  4. Way to go All Black Team and Pauline on The All A ShootOut! Great post's so fun to see such different A's...Atomic Car...don't see those in Texas. And he knows how to travel...too cute!

  5. Aiden is so precious. How about that car. Great post for As.

  6. Great pics for the A theme- sweet baby boy sleeping- how cute!

  7. Aiden is such a cutie!

    Congrats for winning the Rugby World Cup. I guess you are no longer the underdogs. :)

    How cool to find all your photos in one place. AMAZING!

  8. Jeesh, you did luck out! Beginning with the word Auckland. Aiden is darling!

  9. So adorable tiny tot! And that atomic car hmmm sounds it is ready to blow any time, lol!


  10. Hi Pauline, What a wonderful variety of shots. The wee bairn is "A"wesome!

  11. Your line-up of great symmetrical images are fantastic.


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