Saturday, November 26, 2011

Election Day

Here in New Zealand, it is Election Day.  In a few minutes I will go up and over the hill to the polling booth and have my say.

I keep my political views to myself but it is obvious that little Georgia is a fan of John Key, our current Prime Minister.  For the past week she's been talking about the election and explaining how it all works.

Thursday afternoon the phone rang as we were playing.  It was a recorded message from John Key and I quickly saw the opportunity to impress her.  I took the phone to her, put my hand over the mouthpiece and whispered, "Georgia, it's John Key!  Listen!"  She put the phone to her ear with a grin as if to say "What's she playing at now?"  

Oh, the expressions that played across her little face.  Idle interest, intense interest, deep concentration, wonder and delight.  Then she whispered to me, "It's him, Granny.  It's really him!" 

I took the phone back, thanked John for calling and said goodbye.  

You should have seen the look on her face!  "Oh Granny, you must be so important!  John Key rang you!"   And who am I to disillusion an enchanted child?

Ten minutes later we were watching the News and there was Mr Key.  "He hardly had time to get dressed after talking to you to go on the News!"  Obviously we don't dress to talk on the phone around here.

What would I do without this child for entertainment?

Today, out my kitchen window,  I spotted the first opened passionfruit flower of the season.

 And out the window at the side of the house, free range cows.  There is long grass beside the track the cows were taking to their paddock, so my son left the gate to the paddock open so they could wander there at their own pace.  It's only a couple of hours till the next milking time and some of them haven't bothered walking the extra distance to the paddock, are happy to be free range today.


  1. I can just imagine your granddaughter's delight at that call! We've had a federal and a municipal election in the past 5 months and by the end of the latest I was thoroughly tired of the pre-recorded calls!

  2. Cold calls like that really pee me off big time especially as they always seem to come at the most inopportune moment.

    Your passionfruit photos are always a reminder of just how exotic that plant is.

  3. What a fabulous photo that is of the passion flower, just the thing to brighten a cold wet winter's evening.

  4. I have just had a lovely browse around your blog... many thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Pauline,

    Oh that would have made Georgia's day. I think Lucy would have loved the result of the election too. I have a little passionfruit a couple of inches tall growing in a pot on the kitchen bench which kI must plant out soon.
    Happy days.

  6. Great post and nicely done on the phone for Georgia. A lot of NZ election posts. I had one too.


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