Thursday, November 24, 2011


Strange how once you’ve done something you never expected to do, you realize how much fun it is.  You get to my age and you think you know what you enjoy and stick to doing things like that.  Then an overheard conversation here, a Facebook comment there and the idea starts to form to go to a burlesque show. 

So last night that’s what my friend, Chris and I did.  And were very glad that we did.  We might have been the oldest ladies in the pub but I managed to make myself heard by one of the performers.  I believe the MC had been told to announce no photography but if he did I didn’t hear him and couldn’t understand half of what he said anyway.  And I was there to see my friend perform, not listen to him.

No would guess from the audience reaction to her act that there were only three of us in their midst who know her.    We were joking with her before the show that she didn’t have many friends – she had a whole lot more by the time she finished.  The young men at our table were quite besotted with her.  Said hers had been a classy act.  I work with her and can assure you she’s a class act alright!

She can now cross that off the list of things she wants to do before she turns 40.  Good on her, I say.  Haven’t had so much fun in ages!


  1. That looks like fun indeed! I'm glad she is your friend and that you had an awesome time during the show.
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    What's Your True Age?
    Are you as old as you feel or as what the calendar says?

  2. Now that's something! Your friend is a gutsy lady - and I'll just bet you had a lot of fun!


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