Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walking out the crinks

Once around the farm loop is all it takes to ease my back when it is aching from hunching over the sewing machine.  My favourite time to do this is later in the day when evening shadows soften the landscape but today the crinks wouldn’t wait.   

I was trying out a little Canon PowerShot A480.   Discovered after 6 shots that it has a tiny memory card.  Ah well, that’s easily fixed.  I can swap with my old camera.  

Look at the blue sky in this shot.  Who would guess that a few hours later there would be a spring shower.  Of course, it only lasted a few minutes but I still wouldn’t want to be caught out in one.  Lucky I went when I did.

 I came upon my grand-daughters playing down by the creek and Georgia elected to come home with me – once she had extracted a promise that we could play shops.  I have a feeling that child knows she has me wrapped around her little finger.   But playing shops is such fun!  Even when she rips me off and charges me $29.90 for a few old books.  

books for sale
 I’m wondering when I bought that Slow Cookers Soup.  If I have all day to make soup, why buy a packet mix that takes all day?  Must have been on special.



  1. It looks to be doing the job. I hope your old memory card fits. I'm never that lucky. It is not good practice to persuade them with a hammer!

  2. Haha! Packet soup for a slow cooker. I had not thought how funny that was until you mentioned it! Your granddaughter looks too cute to be a wheeler dealer. I hope you were paying with Monopoly money :)

  3. LOL....slow cooker soup in a packet makes no sense to me either! My favorite time of the day is the early morning, but I am always up before the sun and watching the sun rise brings me so much peace and joy.

  4. Anyone who sets the price at something point ninety has a head for business! ;)

    You sound like a great grandmother, oops that perhaps came out wrong... Your post brought back memories of my own paternal grandmother playing shops with me when I was little. She was a great playmate.

  5. I remember the days playing store with my girls too! Sweet memories.

  6. What a lucky lady you are to be living os close to your grandchildren. This post brings back memories of teaching Kindergarten and of my own children when they were small. Happy Hallowe'en!

  7. Georgia will go far. The combination of her personality and winning smile will see to that!

  8. Hello Pauline,

    Maybe Gerogia saw the soup packet and that is why you were charged for the books!!! Love that photo of the blue sky and reeds. How old is that beautiful trunk?
    Happy days.

  9. Playing shops! I remember it well; now that WAS fun.

    Why didn't you sell the packet soup?

  10. I love your blue sky. Here we have a blue sky too but it is starting to get cooler. Slow cooker soup is interesting. I have one somewhere and need to start making soup in it – would use your type of packet, with additions, if I had one.

  11. Thanks for coming to my blog. But you see I was looking at old messages as I am having my blog printed and I saw yours – you came to my blog and left a message last May, for which I thank you. I bought several books by Don Blanding many years ago but I never thought about him when I was trying to figure a name for my blog. I did find his books not long ago on the back of a shelf and will use some of his poems in my future posts. Thanks for coming back to my blog.


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