Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seems like ages ago

Already last weekend seems like ages ago.  I had a wonderful 5 day weekend.  And another few days thinking about it all.  And finally I think perhaps I can post about it.  Well, bits of it anyway.

I've come to the conclusion that my younger son's 40th birthday was a bit like the bride who loses control over what her wedding will be like.  You know, she has a vision of how it will be.  But before she knows it the parents, the in-laws, the wedding planner and various others who should not have a say, have their say and the whole thing is beyond her control. I think it was a bit like that.  Whatever Bernie had in mind for his party was not communicated clearly and his peripheral people got the bit between their teeth, so to speak.

And what they came up with was terrific!  I mean, if anyone had said "Birthday cake" he would have looked at them blankly, so they had no choice but to be creative. 

Perhaps he imagined standing around with a few old mates chewing the fat.  What he got was said old mates and lots of family love.  He did choose the theme for the night - in these days of Rugby World Cup fever, he decided on "United Nations".

And united we were - on the dance floor.

I wish I could claim the dancing gene but, no, that didn't come from me.  I do love seeing it at work though.    I loved seeing Bernie, who lives so far away in Brazil, enjoying himself with his nieces and nephew.  Oh, and there is a cousin in there, too.  It was lovely having my niece Charlotte, who had flown in from England two days before, partying with my children and grandchildren...

Seeing sons happy together..

sons and daughters...

even mothers and sons-in-law

 I have been strangely listless since I got home.  No, not tired.  I'm not yet at an age where a good party does me in!  Maybe there is a touch of nostalgia at work.  My older daughter has hosted so many good parties at her home but it has now been sold.  And I feel a touch of concern for her future.  Maybe these things add up to listlessness.  Who knows!  It was pass.


  1. It looked another good do.
    Hope your worries soon get resolved.
    You'll have another party or two soon do doubt.

  2. a fantastic party for your son. I love that cake and it is very creative, easy to serve and to keep the left overs. i could make one of those. and i don't bake. beautiful family and friends

  3. A high is always followed by a low.
    Stands to reason, doesn't it.

  4. Lovely family photo;s I can see the resemblance amongst everyone.

  5. Pauline! Why haven't I seen pictures of your very handsome sons before? You have been holding out on me....they are close to my age you know. Ok, seriously, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time and you look stunning (not as stunning as your sons

  6. I've no idea why I didn't comment on this. Oh I think I did - on Facebook.

    One of the inevitable results of such highs is the flat feeling afterwards. It has to be worth it though because I know just how important your family are to you.

    Here's to the next party!


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