Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sat eve

This was my view from my kitchen as I prepared dinner yesterday evening.

I love the sight of contended cows happily munching.  I thought it couldn't get much better than that  - until this evening.  The herd was in the paddock around the house and as the view from the back looked much the same as yesterday, I wandered out the front.  And noticed it was raining again up in the mountains.  The tower was still just visible, so just a passing shower.  Maybe my lawn will be dry enough to mow tomorrow, after all. 

 But when I went to the kitchen, there was a pretty rainbow.  That tops yesterday's view.

Wales plays France in the Rugby World Cup semi-final tonight, but not till 9 pm, so I wasn't in any great hurry to get my dinner under way - plenty of time for that.

I often don't take much notice of motor bikes moving around the farm.  But I thought it a bit odd that I could hear a bike stopping and starting, stopping and starting, after 7 pm.  Then noticed it was my son moving around a sprayed out paddock on a quad bike, stopping, getting off, picking something up, getting back on and moving off again.  Strange!  I couldn't see very clearly what he was doing but when I figured it out I just had to take this shot, knowing it would be blurry because of the distance.  Can you figure out what the farmer is doing?

He must need practise getting out of the rough!


  1. Beautiful shots and a great rainbow. I've seen it all now.......he ought to train a dog to fetch the balls a fortune in fuel.

  2. I'm surprised that he can find the balls. I hope he doesn't lose any and they get eaten by a cow.

    Lovely rainbow by the way.

    Terrible refs decision in the match this evening (Wales v France). Without it Wales would be slaughtering the French.

  3. The rainbow shot is beautiful - well doe.

  4. Wow, that rainbow was really nice.

  5. The rainbow is beautiful. We don't often see them here -something about the light.
    Your son must be a dedicated putter!

  6. The rainbow is beautiful and I of course love the cows. Golfing with a quad how funny!


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