Friday, October 14, 2011

FSO - Sweet

A definition listed to help us with this week's topic is "An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence."  Similar, but not quite the same as a definition I found at Kiwi Web (which is a dictionary of words and expressions commonly used in New Zealand with their equivalent definition):
sweet-as: a term people say instead of "cool" or "awesome".  (That car is sweet-as!)

I've had some sweet-as moments lately - watching family bonds tighten:

 Watching my son entertain the nephew he has just met for the first time.

Watching my grandson tell my English niece, who he has just met for the first time, that he likes her.  
(The face touch is the signal.)

Watching my grandchildren having gentle time together.

I tell you it's been sweet-as.

Yes, seeing you again was sweet-as, Bernie.  Having you visit was sweet-as, Charlotte.  And my baby grandson is always sweet, sweet as.

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  1. a very sweet family Pauline and wonderful photos. enjoy!!

  2. A great interpretation of Sweet and I'll bear Kiwiweb in mind in future when I catch a phrase that obviously has a different meaning in your part of the world.

  3. Very sweet post! Love the kiddies.

  4. more beautiful family memories for your beautiful family

  5. How wonderful that you all were able to get together. Especially since everyone is living in different parts of the world!

  6. All your shots are very sweet. I think the last shot is particularly endearing.

  7. I enjoyed that Pauline. Love the touch of the sweet as pie baby.

  8. sweet-as, that's what my students say.


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