Friday, October 28, 2011

FSO - Creepy crawlies

One of the good things about the advance of years and failing eyesight is I don't see as many creepy crawlies as I used to.  Daddy long legs find safe haven in my home until I put on my glasses and stand on a chair - and going around the house like that is very tiresome so I don't bother them much.

So when I said to Georgia earlier in the week, "Find me some creepy crawlies." it didn't take her long to spot a beauty!

Eight year olds and their grandmothers are easily distracted. Russian Fudge sounded like more fun so the hunt was abondoned.  But as she sat on the kitchen sink and stirred the fudge she leant out the kitchen window to look into the passionfruit vine which grows up the kitchen wall and announced there was a flower on the vine, the first this spring.  I had to climb up on a chair (I seem to do a lot of that) to see for myself, then get back down to get the camera because that flower didn't look right to me.  I reached out the window as far as I safely could and took a few shots. Georgia declared she could see an ant but I was more eager to see that flower up close on the computer screen.

Look, something has eaten a huge chunk of that leaf! What is that circular thing in the bottom left of the shot?  And what are those black bits on the flower?:

There's another one on the flower!   Oh yes, and there's that ant she saw.

And that flower is not as it should be.

Thank heavens for FSO.  I might not be able to see them but there is proof of creepy crawlies in my garden.

I took just one more photo before my camera went toes up, like the subject.  This is how I like to see cockroaches - they look a lot more interesting upside down (and quite dead).

The passionfruit vine has been treated, what to do about my dead camera is a greater problem.

I will distract myself from thinking about it by checking out the creepy crawlies from the rest of the team here.


  1. Ugh the bugs are ugly but the handsome young man in the previous post is obviously a sweetie. I so know the feelings of those little ones growing up. No more hugs like it used to be but as yours, they hug my head. They are all so tall and I am so short.

  2. The only dead cockroach I see here is the flatten one, as they are smash with a roll up newspaper as soon I see one! lol
    I hope your camera get treated soon or perhaps this is a good time to get a new camera? :p

  3. I don't like bugs - but I read this all the way through and looked at all the photos, which are of course very good!

  4. Have you read the details about cocoroaches Pauline, they are one of the most awesome creatures that can live for ages without there head!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing what becomes of that passion flower.

    Happy days.

  5. Love the harvestman.
    I don't know exactly what attacked your passionfruit vine, but there are caterpillars and other larvae who will curl a leaf around themselves, for protection while they are eating or as shelter while they pupate. That might have been what made the flower look so weird.

  6. my friend in Auckland was bitten by a white leg spider (?)

  7. Bugs - dead or alive - I can cope with even though I might not like some of them very much. Dead cameras are quite another thing. I couldn't cope with one of those! I hope that problem is sorted soon one way or another.

  8. great creepys here and the only good roach is a dead roach.

  9. I had to blow up the photo to see the ant but it is certainly there! And the dead cockroach is indeed creepy. I don't know why cockroaches have such a bad reputation.

  10. The cockroach is indeed creepy! So sorry about your camera. I hope you have the funds to get a new one. :

  11. I fear I shall have nightmares if I keep going through more FMTSO entries tonight!

  12. Honestly!!! Pauline, I don't do bugs and I scrolled through this so fast I didn't even read what you wrote.

  13. The roach is almost..elegant? But hey, no fair, you had help with this assignment, and fudge, too!

  14. Oh that dead cockroach is almost creepier than the spiders. I like the photo though... the deader the better.
    This is a great Halloween Post.
    Hope the ants leave the flowers alone.
    It's so interesting to note that your spring is our autumn. It is then that I realize how far Australia is from California.

  15. Hi Pauline, thanks for dropping by my blog. Oh these crawlies are just so creepy. Great pics even if they are creepy crawlies.

  16. good eye on the ant. yuck on the last shot!

  17. But aren't they so interesting. Imagine a six foot spider - what a marvellous creature that would be - way more stunning than a whale or a crocodile.


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