Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A dreary Wednesday

We had a heavy dumping of rain this morning, more than I thought.   I think there was more rain here than there was in town.  Or maybe I just had my head down and was too busy to notice.  That’s a maybe!

I first noticed a Road Closed notice by the road at the corner on Sunday.  Today I thought I’d better stop and read it.  It really isn’t very big, how a driver is meant to read it while negotiating the corner or whizzing past is beyond me.   I couldn’t find a pen and I’d have forgotten those details before I’d driven the 12 odd minutes to home, so out came the camera.  I usually have the essentials handy.

Darn, I’m driving home between those hours!  Will I leave early or work late?

So, the camera was out of the bag and it took a lot longer than the usual 12 minutes to find my way home.  It won’t take much more rain to bring the creek over it’s banks but the cows don’t look worried.

 I've taken dozens of photos of this old shed over the past few years and always it's been just a bit too far away for my camera.  Today I must have stopped at the right spot!

While my luck was in I decided to try once again for a decent shot of our neighbours little old shed that sits right beside the road.  I think it is more photogenic now than it was a couple of years old.  Just needs a few more years of weathering, I think.

My other stop along the road wasn't really to take a photo.  This adventuruous pair were outside the fence and I nearly went past thinking they would find their way back in to their mother when they were hungry.  But I thought I saw a collar around a neck, so stopped and reversed.  Sure enough.  They are bound to be pet lambs so I chased them back up the road and up the drive to Niamh and Archer's home.  Could have a champion lamb there, kids.


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Car racing during the week, someone has nothing to do!!! Love those little lambs.
    Happy days.

  2. Wetter with you than it is here.

    The second picture is very well composed.

  3. Yes, don't those tiny notices just bug the **** out of you. Jo passes them on the way into the Mersey Tunnel quite often. She has the alternatives of slowing down and causing a fity two car pile up or spending twenty minutes on the website (rarely updated until after the event) or taking pot-luck. The latter is her usual option but rather negates the purpose of the notice.

  4. But I am worried about those cows! :)

  5. Great photos Pauline. i suppose these days a person should never leave home without a camera. I have been taking photos of the inner workings of our combine. It's broken down right in the middle of harvesting our fields of barley. The photos sometimes help the farmer get all the wires and bits and pieces back together correctly. It's pretty handy to have the full screen photos to study rather than a schematic drawing in a shop manual.

  6. Great pic's from your part of the world! We had more rain than we knew what to do with earlier this week as well...but tomorrow we will have they say.

  7. Wrinkly tin and old wood - what joys for a camera.

    I always find it strange that when I see the creek it's sluggish and almost empty.


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