Sunday, October 16, 2011


I’ve been sewing Christmas presents over the weekend and having to whisk the object and bits of material out of sight every time one of the grandchildren has wandered in.  Luckily they have been arriving on a quad, so I’ve have been able to hear them approaching and had enough time to do the whisking. 

At one stage my city dwelling granddaughter, Jami was having a ride on the quietest of the horses on the farm.  Can’t say she looked relaxed but she had her brave smile in place.

And brave she is.

Shortly after this photo was taken, my daughter-in-law, Heather had gone for a ride on her horse which was being a bit frisky and needed a work out.  A while later Jami was leading the horse she had been riding back home and  was standing on the track outside my house holding its reins.    I heard her calling, “Granny, come help me!”  and although she wasn’t shouting I thought I heard fear in her voice and raced, as fast as I can race these days, out to see what was going on.  Arrived at the door in time to see Heather’s horse, minus it’s rider, galloping full tilt towards her.  And the courageous girl put out her arms and stepped into its path to stop it.  She wasn’t to know it would stop when it came up to its mate.  She must have been terrified but there were so screams or shrieks, just courage.

Shayde, who had been with her, was on the quad and off in search of her mother before the galloping horse reached us.  I took the reins of the  loose horse and, after dithering for a minute, and hearing that Shayde was still moving around on the quad, thinking she couldn’t find her mother and imagining Heather laying in a drain somewhere, led it into the paddock beside the house, took off the bridle and let it go, jumped in the car and went in search of Heather.  

I tell you, my heart was in my throat.  The thought of something bad happening to one of my family makes my blood run cold.  I found Shayde and Heather quickly enough, they weren’t too far away and I was so happy to see an angry Heather.  That’s a sight you don’t see very often and she was furious.  She’d stopped and dismounted to open a gate and the horse had jerked free and taken off.  Oh, you should have heard the things she said to that horse when she got back to her.  I’d behave myself for a long time if I were her.  

It was only after she’d finished her tirade and was about to remount the horse that she stopped to tip the water out of her boots and shake out her drenched socks.  She’d had to wade through the creek to get back. 

I went back to my sewing feeling very proud of my grand-daughters.   Jami and Shayde, I hope you are around if ever I need help!


  1. Wow. I know that I wouldn't be standing in the way of a galloping horse even if I knew it well. I'll second your comment about the girls.

    It's years since I've ridden and if I were ever to ride again I think I choose a hack as old and quiet as I am!

  2. A sad story and a brilliant horse picture.

  3. That's not a smile it's a grin of terror. I can tell by the white knuckles.
    Always an awful sight is a riderless horse............Glad all was okay in the end.

  4. A terrifying but proud moment nonetheless. She was taught well.

    A beautiful photo!

  5. Brave girls! The thought of all that thundering horse flesh coming at me would have me petrified.

  6. Well done those girls for their bravery and quick reactions. Heather and you are lucky to have them around.

  7. I can imagine how you must have felt when you thought your grand daughter was hurt. How frightening.
    But the girls seemed to know what to do and acted like the horse women that grandma could be proud of.
    They must have had some really good training.

  8. Hello Pauline,

    A lovely shot of your grandaughter Jami. Glad to hear everything was ok in the end.
    Happy Monday.

  9. I wouldn't have stand in the way of a galloping horse even if it was my pet! I think your grand daughters are amazing and just adorable
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  10. I was holding my breath reading this. I have seen some horrible horse accidents and having a horse arrive home without it's mount is always scary. I am glad everyone was fine...well, except for the horse who got an earful obviously.

  11. Hi Pauline, it's been awhile!
    Yikes, was all I could thing while reading the post. Your grand-daughters are tough stuff. Glad no one was injured.

  12. Brave girl! I hope she's honoured to be in one of your great posts.


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