Monday, September 19, 2011

Hail storm

I'm so grateful my grandmother taught me how to appreciate a good storm. One of my favourite childhood memories is enjoying storms in the company of my grandparents.

But I don't like being caught out in them.  To me they are best appreciated at home.  

This afternoon we didn't need the weather forecasters to warn us there were lightning strikes on the way, the darkness of the early afternoon, the threatening skies was a good enough warning.   The sky was truly impressive but I had no time to stop and take a photo, the first strikes came when I was still about 10 minutes away from home and I was intent on getting home so I could enjoy them in comfort.  Well, that was the plan.  The onslaught of hail put a stop to that.  It came on so quickly and so heavily that I had to stop quite suddenly or risk running off the road (I was on a bend).

The heavy rain that followed had melted most of the hail on my front deck by the time I arrived home and managed to dash inside, grab my camera and reach out the door to take the photo.

But there was enough of the storm left to keep me happy now that I was safely home. What a great way to destress after heated words at work.  My patience, which is never one of my virtues, had been stretched too far after a fourth days of feeling off colour.  I really needed a good storm!


  1. A storm is always the best way to clear the air.

  2. I do agree that a storm is best appreciated when safe and dry indoors, and no need to go out in it!

  3. i try never to go out in a rain storm unless i really have to. it is dangerous. my mother loved storms like you do, my dad was terrifed of them and paced the floor. i am in between both of them, neither loving or hating storms. i do not like lightning at all

  4. I enjoy a good storm long as I don't have to drive in it. My favorite is winter storms where I can sit inside by a crackling fire and read all day with my dogs curled up with me :)

  5. I love a good storm. I will go out driving in one if I can... as long as it's not snowing hard.
    I remember sharing a storm with my grandmother too. It's was always so wonderful and I always felt protected. She would also take me outside at night. Just outside in her garden. It was so peaceful and filled with the noises of the night. I was never afraid of the dark. I'm still not.
    Great post..

  6. You could always generate one yourself, you know. perhaps you couldn't produce quite so much in the way of icy downpour but enough heat to melt it?

    Sorry you haven't been feeling your best.

  7. I love a good storm too Pauline, but hail while driving sounds a bit scary. Glad you made it home okay. Enjoyed your photos today, and have caught up on your previous posts. Your header photo is super too. Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope work is not as stressful. I remember those days.

  8. A good, pounding rain with enough wind to clear the air - perfect - and there are many days here that call for just that sort of cleansing.


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