Friday, August 5, 2011

FSO – Shooters Choice

This Friday, our challenge is Shooters Choice!! Anything goes as long as it showcases your town.  I’m interpreting that as showing you where I live.  I’m not a town person and anyway, town is quite some distance from where I live.  As this is a farming community, constant topics of conversation are the weather and our road.  As the weather impacts on the state of the road, I’ve chosen to concentrate on the road home.
Sometimes it’s wet and slushy:road3
Sometimes the potholes are a challenge.  To avoid them you have to hug the railings of the bridge.    Not a place for nervous drivers.  
potholesSometimes the road is flooded but I don’t have any photos of floodwater over the road.  I have other things on my mind when faced with that.   The next shot is taken from the road but the water has not yet covered it. floodwater1
At this spot, further up the road past my house, water is often trickling over the road:

 up the road in spring
and makes a pretty little waterfall as it tumbles off down to the creek.
 georgia on road
When the road is dry, vehicles kick up a cloud of dust making it easier to see if there is vehicle up ahead.  When you come up behind a truck like this it’s a matter of letting the driver see you are behind them.  Most of them are very considerate and will wave you on when they can see far enough ahead to know it is safe for you to get past.
MarshallThere are a few one lane bridges – this is the big one.  Yeah, go on, have a laugh!  It’s a big one for around here!

big bridgeAnd this is the little one, closest to home.
 our bridgeAt this time of year there is often fog.  Here is the same little bridge, from the other direction.  Can’t see it?    It’s there, the sign says so.  
bridge in fog
In summer, one neighbour grows a vegetable garden at the bottom of the bank to the right of the bridge. 
vegie patchAnother often grazes the Long Acre.
 the long acre
I’m looking forward to seeing what the other FSO folk show us this week.  They will all be here.


  1. I'm staying in a city and view like these are really alien to me.Everything looks so peaceful and quiet, thanks for sharing them with me.

  2. Hello Pauline,

    I was in the local library the other day and overheard a bloke who was from Toodyay checking to see if he was on the roll because he wanted to get at the council over there for how they are spending money on roads!!! Just think you might not have the best road but the views and lack of traffic certainly make up for it. I know which I would prefer.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. This is going to sound like an understatement, but you really live out in the country! Your "road home" collection is a grand trip through beautiful countryside with scenic stops along the way. I also like the way the road changes at different times of the year.

  4. I like your curvy roads and many bridges. the countryside is so pretty. love all the hills. looks like a great place to be Pauline.

  5. Wow, how very pretty! I wouldn't mind coming or going home if I lived there. I have to travel with lots of traffic coming and going for my home always stressful, I miss the country life. Great post!

  6. These are just beautiful. I love the sights of the place where you live. And I especially love the header you have now! Great shot! I really love that Pauline!

  7. I never tire of seeing your landscape. This is a grand set.
    How many windscreens do you get through?

  8. May be you need my husband, a water engineer to fix your water problem.

    I really like that misty photo.

  9. there are some simularities with our roads home, narrow bridges, slow trucks, curvy, foggy at times. the truck drivers here are also great for letting and helping you pass. I didn't say 'beautiful' 'wonderful' 'great' cause I say that all the time....

  10. I always wished I live in farming community with wide open spaces. Where I love things are too built up and little room to take even a decent sunset shot. I like those hills in the first photo and the way the road leads your eye in.

  11. Beautiful photos Pauline. I also really like your new header photo. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am improving a little bit every day.

  12. I very much like where you live! I'm a country girl too, though where I live is more built up than where you live. Thank you for choosing to show these wonderful photos with us this week!

  13. I'm beginning to feel a certain familiarity with your landscape by now (by having seen blog pictures of it) Thanks for sharing! These road pictures however do tell me that I have definitely become a 'town person' myself... ;)

  14. I never tire of seeing the road that The Handbag couldn't even contemplate. I've never experienced the floods but the huge potholes in front of the bridges are scary and car-destructive.

  15. The potholes look like small UFO's hehehe. This road is way better compare some of the highland roads in the Philippines ^_^

    My Rose

  16. a lovely winding road home. even if it does have a few filled pot holes. I would love to see all this, thanks for my ride on your road home. love the cows and i am wondering if that little rope keeps them off the road.

  17. Merhabalar,
    çok güzel fotolar, paylaşım için teşekkürler,

  18. You do live in a beautiful place. Great idea to show the same road in all its different phases!

  19. I just love your countryside, Pauline! The roads are similar to our back roads of Vermont.

    I like the little water fall photo :)

  20. Pauline, I want to come and visit you. Your views are breathtaking. I love farmland and country living. (just as long as it's not too far away from modern conveniences) Great post and every image is beautiful.


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