Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black and white walk

Yesterday afternoon when I headed out for a walk my son drew my attention to the cows bums facing us along the feed bins.  I am so easily distracted from serious exercise.  In the time it would have taken me to walk at a half decent pace around the farm loop, I took photos.  I will try to do better this afternoon but no promises.

Busy cows, heads down:

bums up:

Then I got too close and had to beat a hasty retreat before I disturbed them.

Walk totally forgotten, I went to have a look at the calves.  My daughter-in-law does a fantastic job of rearing the calves each year.  They looked at me with interest but not a lot of enthusiasm - they know I'm not the one who feeds them.

Except this one who seems startled by the sight of me.

While I was in the area - and there were no cows being milked - I decided to go for a couple of shots of inside the milking shed.

And now I'm off for that walk.  No, seriously, I am.


  1. This is your excuse for not walking??
    Well... I think it's a great one.
    Look at all the wonderful photos you took for this post. I love them in black and white.
    I think the empty milking barn photos are so interesting.
    My favorites, though, are the calves.

  2. Hello Pauline,

    Oh these cow photo's are great in black and white. Just love the first two shots.
    Happy days.

  3. You live in a busy place - such a lot of mooooving around to eat and be milked.

  4. I hope you are walking while i am typing because i am not walking and i should be. do enough for both of us. I LOVE the butt shot, my favorite and those adorable and sweet little faces, i would never be walking except to walk near enough to take photos.

  5. I know what you mean. The camera seriously slows me down. On the other hand it makes it a lot more fun to go for a walk at all!


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