Saturday, July 23, 2011

This time last week….

we’d returned to the east coast, realized it was already around 3 pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch.  I craved a hamburger.  Living as I do in a rural area, I very rarely eat takeaways.  At meal times, if I don’t feel like cooking, it’s bad luck, too late to think about it now.  I’m not about to drive 35 minutes to the nearest takeaways.  I had fish and chips on New Years Day and, as far as I can recall, no other takeaways this year.  So the little Cafe over the road from our motel in Pukenui seemed like a good idea.  

Chris had wandered off in search of a postcard and I went in to look at the menu but was hardly through the door before I heard the cafe ladies discussing my scarf/shawl.  Is it a scarf? No, it’s a shawl!  Within minutes the younger of the ladies, the one in the purple t shirt, had it wrapped around her shoulders and was doing a twirl around the tables. 

The conversation went like this:
“Oh, I love purple.  Look, it’s crocheted. Where did you get it?”
“About 10 years ago from one of those little craft shops in Russell.”
“I wonder if they have another one like it.”
“It was 10 years ago.”
“Oh, yeah.  You’ll just have to leave it to me in your will.  Tell them to address it to Cafe Lady, Pukenui.  I’ll still be here.”

By the time Chris came in we were old friends.

And the hamburger?  Never tasted one better.


  1. youngsters are funny, My friend's 21 yr old son found the cardigan she knitted before he was born.

    He like it, and asked her is she could lengthen it.

    Son, I made it before you were born.

    Having said that ' last evening, I told the fsmily about the very expensive winter coat my Dad bought me when I went to Canada.

    My 23 year old daughter said, much, where is it, may I have it.

    I had it in 1975

  2. The cafe lady needs to learn to crochet!!!!
    Happy days.

  3. What a wonderful story. I'm sure it made you feel good.

  4. All that because you craved a hamburger!

  5. Sometimes a hamburger and chips is the only thing that will satisfy! Over here no one will deliver up our road, and if we want a take-out meal we have to think a bit ahead. When I want a quick meal it's usually something with eggs - tonight it's leftover salmon in a pie shell with eggs, cheese and cream - sort of a quiche.


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