Sunday, July 3, 2011

No comparison

I’m afraid you just can’t compare my photos of my lovely little grandson with those of a professional.  On Friday before the family left home to come visit The Paddock a real photographer visited to take photos of the little treasure.

Aiden 039 - Version 2
 Not that I let that stop me. 

Picnik collage
 It was such a pleasure having the happy little guy here for the weekend.  He doesn’t at all mind being the centre of attention even if that borders on being mobbed when his cousins arrive. 

 He’s had a camera in his face from the moment he was born but found the dangling lanyard on mine too much to resist.  I got up too close and his little hand shot out and he had it in a flash, straight into his mouth it went.  Good hand eye co-ordination!  Hate to think what it must taste like, but he seemed to like it.

 And now he’s gone.   And I won’t see him for another month when I am to be trusted with caring for him overnight!  He now sleeps through the night so I hope that doesn’t change. 


  1. The only difference is that the pro got down to the lads level and used a shallower DOF. He most likely shot fifty or more and made sure the background was clean. To save bending and crawling about glue him to a table!

  2. What a gorgeous baby - those eyes. Pro shots are good, but family shots always get that something extra, like the gleam in the eye when he grabbed the lanyard.

  3. Pauline you have a particular talent for portraiture. Add some formal training and you'd be formidable.

  4. Oh Pauline he is just gorgeous!! how can you not be in love with that face - and you will miss him I am sure... I bet you can't wait till next time he is in your arms (and in front of your camera - aren't we grandma's terrible with our constant photos haha!!)
    Hope you had a warm weekend!
    jen xo

  5. What a cutie! I agree that the pro probably took a zillion shots and you are seeing the best of the lot. :)

  6. Does the handsome boy live in Auckland?

    You are right, the photo is in The Waitakiris, so is the bed, in the information centre.

  7. he is adorable, get the camera ready for the overnight stay

  8. Who could resist?! My guess is the really hard part is not to go overboard and put ALL the photos on the blog ;) Seems to me you made good choices

  9. Hi Pauline, Thanks for sharing the photos of your certainly photogenic grandson. He does look like a joy to have around.

  10. Hello Pauline,

    My he has grown and who could resist those eyes and smile. No wonder he is loved by his cousins.
    Happy days.


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