Friday, July 15, 2011

FSO–The Letter B

Anything that starts with the letter B?

I’ll be away for my annual mid-winter break this weekend and won’t have much time to take photos of B things before I go.  But I did manage a couple of shots. 

The Once Was a Bridge I pass daily. 

A small business we were parked opposite last weekend:
Waipu Motors

On Friday or Saturday I will in the vicinity of this old blacksmith’s shop:
Old blacksmith's

And just one from the archives, a shot of a favourite neighbour:
bull 2011

I will check out everyone’s posts upon my return – they will be here.

(If anyone from the FSO team happens by, could you link me up with Mr Linky, please.  Thanks.)


  1. I like your B's, but especially the bridge.

  2. Looking at the first three photos I am suddenly conscious of just how New Zealand they are and how much I miss it. As for your Glowering Bull I remember seeing him before and thinking that he's probably as soft as butter underneath. Perhaps.....

  3. The B shots were great but I really enjoyed your road trip. I seemed like wonderful fun. And spontaneous.


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