Friday, July 22, 2011


This Friday our theme is Fresh. “New to one's experience; not encountered before. Recently made, produced, or harvested; Free from impurity or pollution; pure. Many choices here for fresh.” 

All my shots were taken last weekend in places I have never visited before, or not for a very long time.  Nearly all of them are taken on or near beaches while enjoying the brisk, fresh air.  I think they are all pure, unspoiled.

The Far North of New Zealand is very narrow, a quick drive from one coast to the other.  First up, a little mountain of froth blown from the wild surf on the west coast.

 And the pretty coloured kelp of the west coast freshly washed up from the sea.

kelp1west coast
 On the east coast the kelp was more the colour I see more often:

 Bit of wood very recently left by the tide on the east coast:

stick and bubbles
 More wood freshly delivered by the sea on the west coast.  I thought this looked like a little abandoned ship.

west coast rubbish
 East coast baby mussels:

baby mussels1
 West coast weed peeking through pine needles:


Don’t know if this is a flower or a weed but it was growing wild on the east coast.  Chris knew it as Pink Sour Grass as a child in Western Australia.

 Heading for home again we decided on a little detour to revisit St Barnabas Church at Peria.  A year ago when we last called in it was in a very sorry state and two dedicated parishioners were taking down the fittings in preparation for a make-over.  Look what a difference a fresh coat of paint has made:

old and new paint
 Last stop on the way home, fresh coffee in Kawakawa.



  1. What a beautiful job the parishioners have done on the church!
    More gorgeous beach shots - I think I could walk and walk and walk on that beach - and then have a cup of coffee just like the one you pictured.

  2. I always think of laundry detergent when I see the froth. Your mountain of froth must have come from a commercial laundry. (LOL)

    Your barista gave you a love heart. You got a secret admirer.

  3. They are beautiful photos, especially the difference of west and east coasts.

  4. Unless it's growing where you don't want it to grow then it's a flower!

    Kawakawa = the Hundertwasser toilets if I remember correctly. Splendid. Good for rail enthusiasts too. I can't ever recall having coffee there.

  5. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee even though I don't drink them.

  6. Fresh and frothy! Both the sea froth and the coffee. And yes, that does look like a shipwreck. Wonderful selection.

  7. Love the beach shots.

    The foam of the sea is always something I love - it drifts in over our house sometimes in a strong gale

  8. Love your shots!! And that fresh coffee with the heart looks good!


  9. Like that angle of your first photo, Pauline. And...mmm...that cup just shouts love, doesn't it?!

  10. Lovely! That coffee looks heavenly!

  11. I don't drink coffee but your photo sure makes me want to take a sip. And that church looks so refreshed after a coat of paint. It sure did make a huge difference.

  12. I love your take on fresh! It's so different from what I thought of.

  13. Beautiful job on finding fresh! I also read your Saturday post it's so sad when we lose some one so close you have great memories of her. Thank you for sharing a little of them.

  14. fantastic shots of fresh Pauline! I like how you show the difference in the church.


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